New Idea For Supporters That Goes With ICC's New Update

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Do You Like This Idea?

Of Course 11 vote(s) 68.8%
Why would i like it im not a supporter 5 vote(s) 31.3%
  1. After reading the new post about max enities in one area i came up with an idea but here's how I cam up with it. After reading it i thought the mob idea was WAY to low for res's then read some comments about it to and thought of this idea. Without further ado here is the idea. For every supporter rank they higher they are the more mobs they can have on their res. This will not take away from the big part of lag beacause supporters only really have one farming res. This would work something along the lines of this.
    Iron-150 mobs
    The reason diamond is SO many mobs is beacause we pay $20 a month which is x2 gold and x4 iron. The diamond isnt even 4x iron so i think it is perfectly fair. Post Your thoughts on this and maybe better mob numbers for other ranks. I hope most of you like this idea
  2. Could cause lags again…
  3. But there are more non supporters than supporters and it is only in town- most supporters only have one farming res also
  4. I don't know. Maybe see what the mods say about this.
  5. This would be a good idea if the reason we put the limits up wasn't for a performance issue reason. However, paying to help decrease server performance isn't something we want to entertain at the moment. However, when you think about it, Gold already gets up to 200 animals and diamond automatically gets up to 400 animals (via their extra residences) as it is, so that actually works out a little better than your example. :)
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  6. i didnt think about it that way that's good
  7. Exactly my point.
  8. Case: closed.
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  9. Yeah I think ICC just shut this idea down with a civil answer. :p

    Edit: Oh and your poll is a little biased. You either like the idea or you put "Why would I like it if I'm not a supporter." What if supporters don't like your idea? :)
  10. A lot of people like to do that in their polls. Those polls annoy me, so I don't answer them. It's not a "little bias", by the way, it's completely biased. :p The proper responses on this poll would have been "Yes" and "No".
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  11. Also -- Animals being closer together brings more lag than animals that are spread apart. so its best if supporters spread out their animals across multiple residences.
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