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  1. Hello there EMC,

    so some of you probably remember my not long ago made thread about how i bought four stacks of sulphur from some mall and got banned from it because of that. Now, this was unneccessary and wierd, but after reading some comments and discussing with others i can agree this can be unpleasant if we're talking about huge amount of stuff. Of course, I still think 4 stacks of sulphur is not enough of excuse to kick someone out of shop, I'm talking about those who buy huge amounts of multiple items from one shop.

    I'm making a new shop on smp1 and I'm thinking if the shop will be decent and successful and with low prices, then I could be a possible target for other shop owners who need to resupply their own shops. So, as you can imagine by now I'm not a fan of banning people from shops or tell them what they can buy and how much of it. So I tought maybe we could have another command which would set a rupees limit that player can spend in shop in one day, one week, whatever you decide.
    For example: let's say i would set /res player rupees limit 5000 24 - meaning each player that visit my shop can spend 5000r every 24 hours. That way everyone can buy whatever they want from the shop but when they reach the limit they won't be able to buy more. So, if someone need to buy large amount of stuff, he/she can contact owner on private and ask if he/she can sell XXX amount of YYY.

    I don't know how good idea this is atm, so comment and let's see the pros and cons.
  2. This idea is cool!
  3. Just another server-db connection.

    Imo the new shop system should be tested before more connections are made to retrieve data.
  4. lol, off topic much, but, i once banned someone from moving on my res.. because he personal messaged me, yelling at me, telling me my prices where too high.
    excuse me? i worked to get those items, i don't think 35r for a diamond is expensive, i don't think any of my prices are expensive, they are low actually... so after he continued to tell me i was a rip off, he bought more items from me...
    like really?
    you're going to yell at me that i am to expensive, yet.. still buy from me? no. get lost.

    go elsewhere if i'm too expensive, there are hundreds of freaking stores. shoo.
  5. The real problem isn't with the buyer. It's with the seller and how they perceive the buyer's intentions, in my opinion. Whenever I hear of shop banning, reselling is usually brought up. It doesn't make much sense to most people in the first place, so adding restrictions isn't going to make it less kooky.

    A daily limit could be gotten around by friends or alt accounts, or just waiting a day then going back. A chest limit doesn't make sense to me either since you can simply not put items in a chest if you don't want to sell them.

    With the shop changes Aikar's proposed, everyone on all the servers will be able to see your prices if they are high or low enough. So anyone selling items for a price which is low enough to allow resale is going to find themselves out of stock a lot and realize, "Hmm, maybe my price needs to be adjusted." Either that or they are going to find themselves rather lonely because they've banned so many people.
  6. Yeah, i don't care if they're reselling or not, i'm just trying to keep in stock. And i don't want to ban people because they're just doing bussiness and something that's not against rules.

    I think it would make quite a change. If you would set limit to 3000r for example, that's really not much. Even if he got two friends and they both buy for 3000r it's not that much. We could simply put low limit and if anyone wants to buy larger amount of something s/he can contact an owner on pm and ask for it.
  7. Yeah i know that kind and I'm alergic to them. :mad:
  8. It's a shop. If you want to sell stuff, you should be pleased when people buy it. If they buy lots of it, you should be extra-pleased.

    Don't ban your best customers.

    They're re-selling? So what. They buy it; they can do whatever they want with it.

    If you don't want to sell things, don't put them up for sale in a shop.

    Manage your stock issue yourself. Keep some "back", so that if you run out, you can quickly re-stock - and consider putting up the price, if it sells too quick.

    But no... don't ban your best customers!
  9. This wouldn't of really even been a decent way to approach even if the new system wasn't coming.

    But with the new system, things are going to change, and the concept of someone buying too much from you will not exists anymore. There will be no reason to limit people from buying from your shop.

    It may upset some people, but the concept of "banning people from my shop" is partially going away. With the new system, your not going to be able to control who can buy from you with quickbuy, and if your the cheapest item on the server, your GOING to be ran out of stock.

    Things will be different, so this issue will no longer be a problem (well some may consider it a problem, but your just going to have to adapt or raise your prices so your no longer the cheapest)
  10. I don't think its a problem :p
  11. The more I hear about this system, the more excited I am!
  12. There is a third option. Some of us may well leave, if this new system goes ahead.

    As far as I can see, it is going to ruin a massive part of the game - I've worked hard for months getting a good reputation for my shop. Price isn't everything; it's been about balancing supply/demand, ensuring I'm stocked, helping people out, negotiating, bartering, working out the best way to display the items; making the shop "flow" well.

    It sounds like the new system will end all of that.
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  13. I would recommend everyone give it a week or two before deciding "zomg i have to leave cuz of change!"

    It's really going to be fine everyone. The world isn't going to end. Shop keepers will still have fun.
  14. Yes; I'm keeping an open mind; I'll see it when I see it.

    I just think that it'll mess up the game-play for me. I hope I'm wrong.

    I wish you'd test it first though, on a small scale.
  15. We'll likely test it among the staff quite a bit before actually putting it out to the field to make sure there are no bugs/glitches, etc.
  16. Look, ICC, I completely agree with you, however the more and more I hear about this new system, the more I hate it. I know at least 2-4 big shop owners that have cancelled their supportership and essentially "quit" EMC because all of their hard work on making big shops and advertising and price balancing and this that and the other thing is now wasted with quick buy and everything. I myself have a big shop building that's nearly half complete, and I'm going to be pretty pissed if no one actually GOESthere and just uses quickbuy. LIke another thread I saw, you're adding too much, too fast. Just let EMC take its course. And if most of us want something, we'll tell you what it is. If we see a problem, we'll point it out and offer solutions that we'd like to see. You're adding things like this that at least 1/3 of us don't really want, and yet almost all of us want a longer, harder tutorial s we don't have nooks, yet you guys still are working on a new shop system, not the tutorial. Listen to the masses. Are you with me, EMCers?!?
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  17. I'm sorry that 2-4 players have left because of us wanting to do updates. That's going to happen and I hope the find a server the like somewhere else. We have more than 2-4 people leave on a daily basis and many more come in...that's how everything works, so that's not really a major factor. We've had many people tell us they'd like shop enhancements, so we are in fact listening to the community.

    We can't make a "harder" tutorial. We can change how it looks or change the questions, but the same people who glide through it now, will glide through it later as well. I do have a way to make it more 'frustrating' for wrong answers, but that's not something we need a programmer for. :)

    It's damned if you do and damned if you don't kinda thing. We have others who tell us, "You don't have enough new features or add new things enough."
  18. Im not with you:) im making an ugly shop under my res so that it wont take up needed room, but will also work with the glorious quickbuy option. Who wants to see my ugly dirt shop? No one:) but it will be great for quickbuy. Also, new players who cant afford to make good looking shops will love the ability to make a shop, and not have to put a ton of money into its looks. Go shop enhancements!:)
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  19. I welcome anyone who want to buy out my shop, I have had all the same things happen to me over the time i have had a shop, but some things to keep in mind.

    Each server has a price limit for certain goods and its not always the same, so say smp1 cannot sell 1 stack of logs for more then 64r while on smp2 they will sell for 80r a stack.

    Also a lot of small shops rely on big shops buying there stock as they tend to sell for a lot less, although not all.
    I buy stock from other shops these ppl use my shop and could sell direct to me for more rupees on the items I buy from them but for some reason they just dont bring their goods to me and supply the shop, but at the same time they are happy for me to go and buy from them.

    I get msg's from them saying tnx for supporting them and I also get a lot off ppl that ban me from their res because I bought their stock, this i just don't get but its their choice. I spend about 20k a day on stock for my shop most of the time some days its more some less.

    Why!! because i like to make sure I have enough stock for ppl, some items i make nothing others I make a loss and still other's i make a profit over all i don't lose out but my customers can rely on my shop having the goods they need when they need it.

    If I could get ppl to supply me better I would be able to do this less and reduce more prices but its hard to get ppl to supply you, they would rather have their own shop and make less rupees.

    Anyway you have a nice shop in the making serialkicker :D.

    The ppl I ban from my res are trouble makers. Anyone complaining about the prices gets told and will soon learn the prices of other shops, 9 out of 10 of these end up coming back to me anyway so point made.
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