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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by JackBiggin, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. As you've probably seen, I've been pushing for the admin flag for a little bit. Various problems with it has arisen, and I feel this could be the solution that pleases me, and hopefully everyone else.

    If you've ever had an alt account, you'd know how annoying it is to have to switch between that account and your main. The residence plugin's admin flag can solve this, however, as people have pointed out, it's an easy way to cause chaos on someone's res.

    What could work: Via the Empire.us website, not commands (actually it uses both), you're able to add an alt to your account. This is done by logging in, going to a page, inputting the alt's username/password into the page then hitting confirm. Then, login to Minecraft to each account (main then alt) and use the command /account main confirm [alt name] on the main account (to confirm it's the main for the alt) and /account alt confirm [main name] on the alt account. This 2 step authentication adds a little more security to the system. I recommend adding a timeout to this, eg. all steps must be completed in 20 minutes.

    Now, say the setup is like this:
    > Alt 1
    > Alt 2
    > Alt 3

    Every account listed here would have the admin flag on every res. This is to prevent people from giving it out randomly, it'll mean that they have full control over the res belonging to the owner of the main account. For example: Main 1 can edit Alt 2's flags, but Alt 2 can also edit Main and Alt 1 /3's flags. It bonds the accounts together as one person.

    To remove the flag, it would have to be done through the website since it controls multiple reses. There's no ingame confirm via commands, just click remove next to the alt's name and it's gone. This is really there just to act as a failsafe.

    So, I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this. Also, this post will probably be very confusing since I'm tired so if you don't understand something then please tell me!
  2. Having 7 accounts on EMC, this is cake approved..
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  3. Wow, seven accounts?! And i agree, this would be wonderful
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  4. this needs to be seen be ICC :)
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  5. 7 accounts that's over $210 dollars on all of the accounts
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  6. I have asked about this in the past to no avail. Hopefully it get recognized some more here. I recommend creating a poll. SO that they can see that the community WANTS it. I completely agree, having 4 accounts and having to switch to the appropriate one is annoying.
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  7. Hmmm, why be no one responding? This is a brilliant idea!!!
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  8. I = Support
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  9. This idea is awesome, however, I got no alts, but for others is this idea AWESOME!

    Keeping the names secret?
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  10. why not?
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  11. Having an alt account, this is Hydro approved
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  12. Good idea, but a lot of hard working with coding. Justin has a load of things to do so we won't be seeing this until never/a while :)
  13. I have offered to program for EMC but I won't be accepted until I show some actual work of which I have none right now. But I see this as 100% feasible!
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  14. Not necessarily. Justin is one of the coders for the Residence plugin we use. He has slimmed down the plugin to a bare minimum to improve performance greatly. If you check the plugin's wiki, an Admin flag and many other useful flags are in existence but for some reason removed from EMC.
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  15. Oh, awesome :D
  16. Just came across this, and it's quite a neat idea. It wouldn't disadvantage those with a single account, but it would advantage those with 2 or more. The main thing to look out for would be friends making each other admins on their properties. Could the alt account take away ALL the flags of the main, including move etc.? Would the main account removing the alt account effectively reset the flags between those two accounts so the main has move again? I know you can change your flags outside of your own residence (/res pset res# move true - something like that), but I'm just trying to flesh out any problems that may occur from this. :)

    Oh, and I understand that the alt account's password needs to be entered into the main accounts settings, which will slow down friends from wanting to be admins on each other's residences. But I do think that it won't be totally avoidable, and will be something that the moderators will have to watch out for when disputes are filed.
  17. For people letting their friends register as alts, just stick a huge orange box with flashing green letters above where you type your passwords saying "ONLY ENTER YOUR PASSWORD HERE IF YOU ARE AN ALT ACCOUNT OF [NAME]. MODERATORS WILL NOT HELP YOU WITH ISSUES REGARDING VERIFYING YOUR FRIENDS".

    You can already take flags away from yourself, so yes, an alt could. However, the admin flag would be impossible to be removed in game so the main account owner can just do /res default [num] if this happens. If an alt is removed then it loses all of it's flags, and as I've said before, the main can give them back to themselves if needed. Another way this could be done is making it so when an alt is removed, /res default is automatically run, and the main and verified alts are then re-added - that way, maliciously given out flags would automatically be removed when the alt is.
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  18. good idea it is fins aporved
  19. Thank you for answering those questions I had, Jack. I think this is a good idea. :)
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  20. I have an alt, called Jaffa_Oreo...But Mojang gave me my money back and now I have to use him through a proxy D:
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