Smp7 wilderness reset.

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by heidisos, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. I have been in the smp7 server for about 2 days now. Most of my time tring to get resources for me and my shops.
    Recently I have seen offensive symbols in the wilderness map and i would request that it is reset to get rid of them and any others that are out there.
    If the map is reset it wuold help everyone because all the resources will be back and there will be clean places to mine for all the new ppl that come to the server.
    Thank you for reading this post and i hope that my request will be made.
  2. Your just gonna have to tear them down yourself like I have done in the past. I've gotten so tired of it I stopped.
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  3. I'm sorry but I have to do this...
    resources* recently* symbols* would* request* would* everyone* resources*
    And now on to the rest. They cant reset just ONE server wilderness. I see that you are new so I'm not going to argue with you. I would say, if you don't like the symbols. Do a favor and get rid of them. smp7 is probably the last server people want reset because of the LLO ( a wild community)
  4. i hope you didnt just go there...*re-reads* yup you did. the answer is NO. there are to many people living in smp7 wild. so think of it this way. say we do reset the wild. pleases 1 person. DIS PLEASES thousands.
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  5. have u heard about he llo,
  6. He is new to the server, seeing as he joined 2 days ago, I understand where he is coming from. But I would like to say is, if you go 1k+ blocks out. Most of it is clean.
  7. oooo, sory
  8. Destroy/(report first) offensive symbols, and go out for about 10 minutes in the wilderness to find untouched land.
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  9. I dident mean to displae anyone sorry if i have offfended you
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  10. We arent mad, its just that smp7 has a huge wild community. Now smp5.... I wouldnt mind that being reset!:)
  11. I hope you know... the EMC forums have spell check....
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  12. A wild Lotad joins the thread. Biscuit uses Reply.
  13. Ok i get it you dont like my spelling. and if thats all your here about than leave the post plz.
  14. ...Three Letters...L.L.O.
    You have no idea how much time/effort is put into it until you explore the WHOLE thing.
  15. Yes so much hard work put into the LLO
  16. If you had carefully read his post, after clarifying any confusion due to spelling errors, he suggested that you destroy any offensive symbols.
    To add my two cents, if you see something like a swastika, it is actually encouraged that you take it down as long as it is very clear that what you took down was offensive and that you only removed the offensive material.
  17. Offensive Image 120k blocks out of spawn. RESET!!!!!
  18. Now that I have edited your post to a readable level, how about no?
  19. can someone close this post now. I get it. smp7= no reset.
    some plz close this post now thank you
  20. If you see swastika, destroy them.. If you see people building swastika, take a screenshot and report them via convo to one of the mods with the image.. Its very simple.. :3
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