[SUGGESTION] Scratch Auction Approval

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by killerbyte12, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Doesny Seem like its nessasary.
    For one; People get around it by adding useless enchanted items to the auction list anyway and
    two; it takes up mod and admin inbox space and time to approve.
  2. I think it's necessary because otherwise the auctions will get clogged up with stuff like
    3 stacks of sand!!!
    100000000 stacks of dirt
    2 diamonds ect.

    Sure, you can get round the restriction, so shouldn't going round the restriction just be banned, not removing approval?
  3. Either way seems good, yours a little bit more.
  4. Please explain the logic behind "useless enchanted items." :confused:
  5. a wooden enchanted axe lol
  6. Its not useless. Its ... Magical ....
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  7. ...... :l
  8. Still not useless, an axe has many uses.
  9. Well the only thing people are even suppose to ask for approval is when it doesnt meet the rules of having an enchanted item...

    the idea was to keep auctions limited to "valuable transactions" and not 400 rupee auctions.

    So if people want to give bonus items with the transaction I dont really see the harm in it.

    I think main issue is people thinking they need approval for packages that even include an enchanted tool...

    Most of the worries should go away with the shop update, since auctions will become less desired with the new shop system, and overall the forum will be back to its old slow pace.