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  1. Ok before I get the how about no bear, hear me out.
    You have to buy a license and then you have to buy a minecart,which is a car. You go a little faster than running speed I think, and you control the minecart like it was you. If you are gonna do the how about no bear or maybe even just saying no, please state why. I know we try to be as vanilla as possible so bear with me!
  2. I say no because:
    1. It's not a built in Minecraft mechanic - not vanilla
    2. It's healthy to walk
    3. It would probably lag up the server quite a bit - having to track all those entitys
    4. You sprint fast enough
    5. In town you can teleport so this would be pointless
    6. In the wild it would be impossible to navigate the terrain so this would be pretty unused
    7. In the end you can fall off the side of the island so this would be a deathtrap
    8. In the Nether, well... you'd be asking for it.
    Among other things. I've seen this requested multiple times and really don't see the point.
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  3. Thank you for stating a reasonable answer to this.