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  1. Basically, every now and then I go through my history, and I see -2000 to XXXXX and I try to remember, why did I pay him that?

    So the command would work the same but instead have an optional reason
    /r pay ____ XXXX [reason]

    Example. You hire someone to help dig dirt out of your property.
    /r pay ____ XXXX Dirt Removal

    Then on the history it will show that they helped you remove dirt, and same for the person who received the rupees.

    Example 2. Donations.

    Example 3 Auctions, in game and/or forum,


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  2. Interesting idea. I like it.
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  3. This could be cool, as when paying someone, you always wonder why you payed them after a while when going through your rupees log, at least I do.
  4. Good Idea. Liked :)
  5. This Should Be In the Game Awesome Idea mate :)
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  6. Great idea man! It would be good for recieving donations as for some reason when I wake up I don't know why I got 50k from Twitch1 but I'm like, "Oh right Top 5 Creations of the Week..."
  7. I really like this idea. To build off of it- Add a method to either sort or search your rupee history. I think this is self explanatory so I will not go into further detail.
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  8. that reasons feature you proposed makes sense. I personally wouldn't mind seeing this in place
  9. This; is an extreme gravedig. This topic has not been posted on for 3 months+, please don't gravedig it :/
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  10. Had no idea it was a bump until I looked at the date. Please don't bump old threads.
  11. While both this and the other thread this guy bumped definitely were old and dead, since its already bumped I think this should be re-considered :p
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  12. Yes. This is something that needs to be added. I do not care about getting a single alert from a bump, just add this.
  13. Eeks, this was from even before I was a mod D:
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