Being able to see other people's rupee balances in game!

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  1. I think it would be nice to be able to see someone else's rupee balance in game by doing
    /balance *insert player name* or using some other command.

    That way, we can tell when the "I needz moneehhhh plx! Me bankruptz!" people are actually broke or just con artists. Or, just for random other reasons :)

  2. Because than everyone would be like you have X amount of money give me some.
  3. No, because, we don't want people to say "omg, youre a dimond suporter with *insert amount here* rupees, share!!!"
  4. There is a good reason you cant view other peoples wallets.. If everyone knew how much certain people had in the terms of rupees, they would get hassled all of the time for "freebies" or whatever.. I don't go on certain smps anymore, because they see my name in teal and beg me to buy stuff from them the instant I log in.. t-t.. it isn't fun.
  5. I think it is very rude when people demand to know how much money I have - same as it would be in real life.

    I do not complain though; I just say "Over 9000".
  6. Because you can't exactly go up to a guy on the streets and just look into his wallet.
  7. Maybe the other way around. Like you would be able to show you balance to other players.
    So you can prove if you are really poor or brag with your insane riches :D
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  8. Sure, yeah; but you can do that already with a screeny - I have;

    And I suspect that, if it was important, a mod would be able to confirm or deny that you had e.g. the 10k you needed to bid.
  9. They used to have ranking that ranked the top 3 people with the most rupees. They removed it as it was starting to be a competition about who had the most rupees. Well, that was what they (the mods) said.
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  10. kk I see the point. derp.
  11. Yep.

    And now, for exact same reasons, see Please remove "Leaderboards"
  12. We used to offer the ability to check other players rupees, and to see where they (and yourself) ranked in terms of richest players. Too many people didn't like the idea of it though, so it was removed and later replaced with the TEXP as a way of offering a leaderboard.

    We may continue to add forms of leaderboards for different achievements, so if you have any suggestions we are always happy to hear them. :)

    I've always thought a list of current active players (logged in withing last 30 days), sorted by length of time in EMC would be interesting. It's not an achievement as such, merely a comparitive list of active players. :)
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  13. If your going to let people see others rupees balances, there should be a command you can type to disallow users to see your rupees. In order for them to see it by default you have to select for them to do so, this way once the systems in place its not at default that you can see everybody's rupees count.
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  14. what about not seaing the hole balance like _____ has about 6000r
  15. When EMC is still using icomony,you can use /money (username) to check others balance.But now you can't
  16. Ive always been worried about "selling" something in the open to people. Sure i gave you the item but how do i know Im going to get my money, or the other way around. A transaction system other then a store would be nice. So if i wanted to buy something from someone i could do something /buy diamondPickaxe (PLAYER) (AMOUNT)
    just a thought, maybe im too cynical
  17. I believe this was on the servers awhile ago but was taken off