Please remove "Leaderboards"

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  1. The Leaderboard gives completely the wrong impression, about EMC.

    It looks like the "high score" is, to get max XP. That's not what minecraft is all about.

    I've no massive objection to "grinding" and I've done it myself; but having it as the "Leaderboard" is totally misleading; there's nothing amazing about sitting there clicking to kill trapped mobs for hours and hours.

    Get rid of it.
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  2. It throws some competition into the game for the competitive players
    they got rid of the rupee leaderboards a while ago
  3. You must do a lot of grinding because you're 3rd this month
  4. @ Nole972 Yes, but it's the wrong type of competition. Anyone (with, ok, some "skillz") can grind 24/7. That's not what mc is all about though. And yes, I've done it lots! It's boring as hell, it's not actually playing the game, and it causes lots of problems with excess mobs for people who are out adventuring. With 1.3 it'll probably be quite obsolete anyway - which I'm happy about.

    @ Daffy22 I do a lot of everything- I've been playing for 15 hours a day, for months. So yeah, sure, I used grinders and made some enchanted stuff - lots. Also mined diamonds lots, platformed glowstone lots, and helped new players build houses lots.
  5. It makes EMC more competitive and funny! It's not like money
  6. Wow, I only play 6 hours a day.
  7. What ever you say, your majesty....... :rolleyes:
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  8. I'm guessing the Leaderboard figures are taken from the same source as the Statistics in the Game Menu. My friends and I have amused ourselves comparing who has died the most, mined the most, walked the farthest, and so forth.

    I think it varies depending on what server I'm logged in on. The one I'm on right now, for example, shows the following:

    Distance Walked: 774.87km
    Distance Swum: 12.57km
    Distance Fallen: 14km
    Jumps: 27458
    Mobs Killed: 64335

    I've used a shovel 29,392 times and a pick 25,906 times. I've mined over 23k stone, over 33k dirt, and 190 cobwebs. I've crafted 2856 iron ingots, 1025 pistons, and 1040 torches. I've crafted 108 chests and mined 141(Probably from moving them around.).

    Deaths: 0 (Which makes no sense since I know I've died plenty of times.)

    Not sure how it works exactly and I'm not sure it's entirely accurate, but it might be more fun to EXPAND the Leaderboard categories. Who has died the most? Who has fallen the most? Who is the diggiest diggy digger of them all?
  9. Great idea.

    My only objection to the texp thing is, it's so very prominent - right up there on top. And it's not all about grinding.

    Fun, silly stats like "most deaths" would be cool, I think. A few idiots would go for max-death, but meh; that's OK; if it was just presented as a curiosity-type-thing, instead of "woop, yay, I am richer than YOU" then yes...

    I think you're onto something there.

    Meanwhile, my point stands: Remove the current "leaderboard" pls. Make a better thing, sure, when you can.

    I suspect about 2 people might object, and about 200 will say "yeah, makes sense". Should we have a poll?
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  10. I personally don't care if anyone is richer than me. I just play and have fun, because trying to get the most number of rupees when you're a regular player is very difficult. Also, creating more leaderboards is a good idea.
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  11. What else is competetive on EMC? We need to have some type of a competetion , and we have one for TEXP!
  12. TEXP is just in my mind a measurement of how much free time you have to sit AFK in the wild.
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  13. I think you are going to have a hard time finding support for your argument. People who compete on the boards aren't going to like it - and people who don't probably aren't going to care..

    What gets me -

    I've recently learned that there are a number of the "top" folks who use (sorry im not 100% sure of the right term) mods or scripts that auto swing at the mobs and keep the player fed without the player having to be anywhere near their computer. I guess this is approved? I am completely against allowing things that "auto play" the game for you.

    Personally I think this makes the texp bored completely worthless anyhow. How do you compete with someone who is cheating the game. Without sinking to their levels. Then we are stinky cheaters. Who cares who the best cheater is? I sure don't.
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  14. Not really, you just have to work hard. I blow my daily bonus almost instantly.

    Oh, so that's how :eek:
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  15. I think it should be cool to have the rupee leaderboards back, because that is a new competition, so you don't need to have a grinder to be the first on the leaderboard :)
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  16. Yeah, I'm low on rupees right now because I'm building my mall; but when I finish it I'm sure I'll get a lot of rupees.
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  17. On wich server are you building?
  18. 4440, smp2.
  19. Pfew, was hoping for smp5 :p
  20. :) If I win the national lottery I'll become a diamond supporter and I will have a res in smp5.