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Do you think a dystopia would be cool?

Deffinately! 114 vote(s) 91.2%
Are you crazy? 11 vote(s) 8.8%
  1. constant thunder and lightning lol can you say Charged Creepers,

    so this would kinda be a nether(hell pun) on earth? i can dig it
  2. imo this is great idea, a hard core survival world where security mechanisms in and around creations would have to be implemented if you plan on spending time there.
  3. Wow...I really like this idea. I think this is something we'll have to explore with the staff to make it more organized and then see if it's something that makes sense!
  4. Glad the community likes my idea! Thanks for looking into it.
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  5. Could the spawn rate of mobs be increased, but also the occurance of ores, so it would be easier to mine there, but also more dangerous? Just a thought...
  6. I love the idea of a hard core kind of mob-fest! It would be cool to risk it all to get loads of xp. Maybe we could make it so all your items are destroyed when you die to make it a truly "all or nothing" survival experience.
  7. That's the thing. If you die, you would have to fight to get your lost items. It adds an element of panic if you die, knowing that you won't get your items back without a fight. You'de have to restock and go back in quick before your items disappear.
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  8. Building secure outposts (walled, fenced well lit areas would be more common than just random holes in the ground) in such world would be risky but highly valuable to exploration parties, making this world reward cooperation rather than solo wandering around.
  9. I love this idea. It would add a great deal to the empire, and make people rely on each other more for survival, therefore making the servers friendlier!
  10. I think having different servers would be great. This is a great idea, but i think it needs to be taken a step further. I think it would be cool to have a few extra servers like this with different themes, like a diverse world, outside of the towns. Or maybe have multiple towns tied to one wilderness... Oooooo... there's another idea. So it'd be like a real world...
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  11. I really like this idea. It could be added to the utopia server, but be accessible to all supporters or everyone, depending on how it plays out. I would propose it be like the wilderness used to be, except dark, so no livemap. Co-ordinates to the spawn would be provided of course, but this would be a wonderfully terrifying experience after being stuck in the dark in the wild for who knows how many minecraft days. :)
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  12. Not sure about adding to Utopia - as that kinda negates it... But this is an excellent idea.... to make it more interesting and Hardcore... Vault is not allowed.
  13. Maybe another "world" if thats what shaun meant (ie, town, nether, wild, and dystopia wild hardcore)
  14. Yes, it would be its own world. A few months ago, before the introduction of smp2 i believe. There used to be town/utopia/wilderness/nether/wasteland all on one server. The wilderness and wasteland were basically identical, except wilderness never had a livemap, but the other 4 did. Once EMC began to grow, smp2 and Utopia were new servers added, and each server had a nether and wilderness (with a live map).
    The reason i suggested utopia for dystopia is because it is an already running an underutilised server and would be easier to add another world to it, then to create an entire new server. I realise that once diamond and golden supporters can claim additional lots Utopia will be used alot more, but i believe it may still be the best place for this new world. :)

    Currently the vault system is the only way of transporting XP related items between servers, although Justin is working hard (when isnt he?) at making XP cross-server, it is not in place just yet. If there was no vault in dystopia it would make the world almost useless for xp gathering, as you cant use the XP gained in any other server OR move the enchanted items to another server.
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  15. Would it be possible to provide public enchanting tables? That is the only purpose for xp at this point. You could bring over the items you want to enchant through the vault, gain the xp and enchant them using the public tables, then bring them back to your home server once more through the vault.
  16. Im sure that wouldnt be a problem if it goes ahead. It would only take 2 seconds to do. :)
    As Jeremy mentioned though, it will take some time to iron out the wrinkles and see if this idea is feasible. Cross-server XP may be implemented by the time this might go ahead.
  17. Are you saying that you would access this dystopia through the utopia town? That way, you could still access the vault once you teleported back to the town after your trek.
  18. Yep, thats the idea.
  19. (Hey everyone, I'm not dead!)
    I also love this idea. I think, seeing as it is immensely dangerous to explore this world there wouldn't be a problem of resource deficiency; it would always seem like the location had a bolstered amount of items. But I was thinking of way to make it more dangerous, so here is what I came up with:

    1. Lightning
    Lots of it. So much lightning you cannot even begin to comprehend it. Making a structure out of the easily reachable wood would be plain stupid, as it would almost definitely be burned to the ground by the amazing powers of lightning. It would also make the area more ominous and create a larger amount of Charged Creepers to be... avoided.

    2. Spawning
    Lots more spawns. While this is more or less given by the fact that the entirety of it is dark and thus monsters can spawn infinitely, if spawn rates were even remotely possible to be increased, we would have a more dangerous environment. This would also mean increasing the spawn rate of Spider Jockeys, regardless of how useless they are in SMP.

    3. Nether
    There would have to be a Dystopian Nether, otherwise there would be the massive conflict of 'Where does the portal send you?'
    While this could be solved by simply disabling portals, I think that a dystopian nether with thousands (hyperbole) of Ghasts would be fun. Though this may or may not mean a dystopian 'END' with a billion (not hyperbole) Endermen.

    Oh, and if it is possible, let Ghasts spawn in the overworld. It would be fun.
  20. How scary would unlimited dragons be in the wild...just like skyrim :p
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