Purchasing Residences for old members

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  1. Every player have a 60x60 plot in town, but over time, they'll run out of space to build on. This could be a reason for people leaving/quitting EMC, due to the lack of safe space to build on and being unable to donate to claim more residences. Currently I too, am facing this problem, but to counter this, I've been procastinating in building my creation on my plot, which seems rather silly.

    So here's a suggestion - Having old members (being an EMC member for a respectable amount of time) able to "purchase" 1 residence for "x" amount of rupees. This could give non-supporters / Iron supporters more space to build on, rather than leaving. (Could be a perk for being an old member)

    Sure, this may seem unfair to current Gold / Diamond supporters in the sense of them losing the perk of having more than 1 residence, but look at it this way - This opens alot more possibilities, giving us more chances and reason to stay on the server, instead of "Oh, I ran out of space on my plot, time to make a thread to say good-bye."

    This would also mean that there will be lesser avaliable residences for new members to claim, supposed every old member were to "buy" another residence. However, the derelict policy exsists for a reason, which covers for new members to claim their first residence.

    To sum it up, here's the current pros/cons.

    • Old members having more space to build on.
    • Residences with creations on them do not need to be torn down for old members to get a fresh plot to build on.
    • "Removing" one of the perks of a Gold / Diamond supporter to a great extent, which could result in lesser Gold / Diamond supporters.
    • No or little avaliable residences would be there for newer members to claim.
    I do apologise if I seem selfish & demanding here.

    I support this.
  3. /purchase minecraftaccount 1
  4. I think this is a great idea.
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  5. This is actually really smart, but instead of old members maybe like ex supporters?
  6. So people who already get to keep the residents from being a supporter?
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  7. i get what he means though, once they do get around to implementing the supporter thing. or maybe a different thing to add on would be to make it so lots can be transferred to other players, like say a really generous gift or maybe from 1 account to the next. also maybe the lot stays the same, just gets different ownership.
  8. Yea, or ex Iron Supporters (& iron supporters) can Buy an addtional res
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  9. this is a good idea, because i don't want to pay money for an actual res it seems stupid..
    Is good to donate to the EMC

    My suggestion is a res for 20k (could only buy one, supporters can't buy it, because is too cheap for supporters)
    Since for new players 20k is not easy to get

    I sometimes have tor reset my res, because i got bored of restocking the shop and not building anything
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  10. actually real money would be good since less people would opt for it, but 20k is actually a little low too... i know of many many MANY(!!!!) non-supporters who are millionaires. that just wouldnt be fair to lots of people. it should cost a lot so people have to work for it, like 100k. also only 2 res' per person, their free and paid one. no more. also maybe only people who have the 'active' or 'well-known' titles.
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  11. i support this
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  12. /give supporters one more res. :p oh wait, i am an old member xD
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  13. how about this: we all share one giant res: EMC; communist edition!
    that would be horrible. really. then ICC would become a dictator and make us all work as slaves to build a giant cow monument. oh the horror, THE HORROR!
    sorry ICC, we still love you. not like that though.
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  14. I don't know about you but I would pay 100k any day for a 2nd res.
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  15. not only did i like your post because you agreed with me, but your profile pic is awesome ;)
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  16. Yeah thanks I got bored today of my profile pic so I changed it to this.
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  18. shows my confusion on how I don't understand what Zabriel is talking about well I understand it but not 100% and the image is suppose to an illusion if you haven't noticed :3
  19. What he is saying is that certain people should be able to buy a second lot. Plain an simple.
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