[Suggestion] Mob Caps

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Some sort of Mob cap on residences?

Yes. 5 vote(s) 31.3%
No. 2 vote(s) 12.5%
Something/somehow so farms don't bother neighbors. 9 vote(s) 56.3%
  1. I'm suggesting some sort of Mob caps in residences,yup just what you read.

    You may ask why? The answer would be to stop lag...
    I've moved over 4 residences in the past for the following problem; lagg.

    On this one I'm on at this moment was okay till a few days ago.. When my neighbor started to breed villagers.. I came on mad today and noticed this awful lot of lagg the last 3 days.. I wondered why would that be.. Today I felt like pressing F3 by accident and guess what I showed... IT SHOWED 460 MOBS! Yeah.. That's not good for my FPS and I suppose it's bad for everyone (Who has some bad ram and stuff )
    I turned the render to tiny and walked like 1 residence way... I typed F3 again and only showed a mob count of 4... FPS went normal.

    My suggestion is simple.. A mob cap that wouldn't allow any more Animals in a residence.
    Like 100-200 max mobs per res or something that wouldn't bother the neighbors of such residence with a massive farm..

    Thanks for reading please tell me what you think.

    Ps. Feel free to tell me my grammar mistakes it's helpful :p
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  2. im fighting sleep as we speakt trying to finish this...
  3. Wait.. you're implementing this right now?
  4. It's been posted on the forums for the past few days we were going to do this.

    I'ma have to finish it tomorrow though, as im too tired to code anymore.
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  5. :) What will the limit be?
  6. 911 will have to cut down their sheep farm size...
  7. Later that night.. I went to check someone's awesome residence that also had a massive villager breeding place. It had over 764 mobs in there.
  8. 150, that what Aikar said on the dragon egg event thread =P