[Idea] Mobile version of the site

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Jwlpo, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. When I'm on the go I usually check the website for any updates and such, but it takes a extremely long time. A mobile version of the site could be helpful for people who are not around their computer or their phones take too long.
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  2. I use my IPad it is the best.
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  3. Yea runs just fine on my iPod Touch.
  4. Same as me gust on my iPad
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  5. I have an iPad, and I hate mobile sites. They're just stripped-down, ugly versions of the actual website.
  6. I've been reading and posting from my iPhone. And I use a browser that tells websites that it's a full desktop version browser. I don't like the mobile versions of most sites, too. Mainly because many of them are poorly coded to even display properly in my mobile browser.
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  7. I use my blackberry most of the time, runs just fine for me...
  8. Probably just my amazingly crappy phone lol
  9. My phone is more than capable of rendering full size websites. Which makes me wonder why mobile safari tries to load the mobile version. But now I use Mercury Browser, and it is really good.
  10. Lol and get a new phone and do you have wireless
  11. Most of the time, I'm looking on the forums from my iphone,
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  12. I just decided to get a iPhone so it's all good now :D and yes hayjam
  13. Get Google Chrome on it! It's the best :D
  14. I think it should mostly stay the same, but should have an option for mobile forum reading/posting. Editing and quoting posts is a pain.
  15. I use my Kindle Fire whenever I don't want to get out my computer... It works well- Some sort of "App " would be cool. I know someone made one- once upon a time but it never really took off.