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  1. So as many as u know u can do /p (playernamehere) and it will tell you about the player and what server is he on, etc, etc.
    But sometimes were it says what server is he connected on, the player will do that and start following u around. This can be very annoying in some cases. So my idea here is to make a command like /p hide or something like that so no one can see what server are u on.
    Tell me if you like it or not!
  2. This is actually a really good idea :)
  3. -spams like button-
  4. Thats a great idea.
  5. I LIEK IT! Though, what would it be avilable at? Iron, Gold, Diamond?
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  6. reminds me of map invisibility
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  7. Yes, but u dont hide in the map, you hide in what server u are on.
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  8. Maybe Gold, diamond?
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  9. So NOW were doing role play? :rolleyes:
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  10. At which point you'd do /who SMP1 /who SMP2 /who V3 /who SMP4 /who SMP5 /who SMP6 /who SMP7 /who SMP8 /who SMP9 /who utopia
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  11. If you want to track some one down THAT badly you have issues, and are most likely a stalker.. XD
  12. Also just reread my post, it was not aimed at you, you are not a stalker :)
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  13. You think LIKE A BOSS!!
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  14. It's time to...
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  15. I'm a fan. Not sure that i'd use it, but it seems like it would be easy enough to put in place, and if others want it, why not make an added feature available.
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  16. I do that to sta... I mean find a staff member when someone is in dire need of staff.. xD
  17. Awesome idea, I hate being stalked by people trying to get money
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  18. Here, the post is in the supporter section: click here
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  19. Great Idea! But what level would it be?

    Oh and... I LIKE IT!
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