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  1. I have been at a very long ceremony and was thinking about things that would make EMC better. (not sure how that is even possible) My idea is were you could open up a savings account in this bank and type /rupees pay Empire bank xxx. It would work just like a real bank were you would earn interest every day that you kept that money in the bank. So say you put 100r into your savings account, every day you kept that 100r in the bank you would earn lets say 1% of that 100r therefor you would earn 1r. They next day you would have 101r in the bank you would still earn 1% of that 101r you would earn 1.1r (I think) so you would have 102.1r in the bank but since there is no cents you would only be able to take out 102r. The empire bank could also give out loans say you wanted to take a loan out for 100r there would be a 1% interest on your loan. You say you want to have this loan payed back in 15 days but just like real loans after that 15 days you would have to pay 115r back to the bank. If you failed to pay back this loan to the bank in the 15 days your daily rupees bonus would go to the bank until you had the loan payed off. Sorry for the amount of text in this op. I would like to hear your opinion on this so please post on what you think.
  2. Sounds AWESOME! I'll put 1Billion and earn 10Million R daily (I think that's the 1%)

    The concept is nice but,I don't think it would really work here.
    Ex.People with extremely large amount of rupees
  3. Maybe the more rupees you have in the bank the less % of rupees you would earn daily.
  4. 1% Could work but,Lets say..not daily more like weekly or lower percentage
    and maybe...You cannot use the rupees once you deposite them and.. you'll have to wait x hours to withdraw them.
  5. nono lets keep it 1% but i love the idea ! :D
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  6. I like the savings account idea. I think earning interest would be great!

    I like the loan idea too, but you run into some stuff with it.
    I think you might have to put some stipulations on the loans, like no one gets a loan unless they have 10k in the bank - or loan money can only be used for mining equipment, armor, potions. This keeps lazy folks from getting loans to do stuff, when what they really need to do is go out and mine, then sell.
  7. That is a good idea you would have to have collateral or a certain amount of rupees before taking out the loan.
  8. Bumping to get more feedback.
  9. And you could maybe have different accounts for a business you have also
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  10. Yeah I have another idea I will make a thread for tomorrow that will tie into business but I am not sure how a player could have multiple accounts and still have it work.
  11. If this is implemented, it will turn bad. Just saying.

    Think about it, even if you put a cap of say 50k per account that earns interest, it can be abused. I could login with 7 accounts and have 50k in each, earning interest on all of them.

    I love the idea, don't get me wrong, but it's not really possible, yet, on EMC.
  12. <Robs the EMC bank Mahaha
    joker.jpg But seriously :rolleyes: Seems like good idea and like rob said It could be abused by some members, Rupees might become pointless "might" to the players who have multi-accounts
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  13. Ya true
  14. This sounds like an awesome idea very good idea!

    ( cant wait! )
  15. I don't see how having 50k in 7 accounts would be any different than 1 account with 350k.
  16. I know i'm late into this but:
  17. I said if there was a cap at 50k, it would make a bad ending.

    Say 1 guy has 500k, but can only earn interest on the cap set which could be 50k. He could just split his money into 10 accounts and earn interest on 50k from each account.

    Understand the problem now?
  18. So then don't put a cap.
  19. If you don't put a cap, too much money will enter the economy and not enough will leave.

    Would you really want Dubzy to earn 30k a day for interested just because he has 3mill?
  20. Old fashioned way:
    Start with 1500r and a few starter items. Everyone already earns the equivalent of 15k rupees in interest at 1%. Go mining and build up a shop business to earn even more Rupees.

    Wall Street Way:
    Step 1
    Option 1 - My friend takes multiple 1 million Rupee loans out and gives it all to me.
    Option 2 - I take a loan(s) out and never pay it/them back.

    Step 2
    Buy every single (fill in the blank) I can.

    Step 3
    Watch as 40,000 other EMC members do the same.

    Step 4
    Throw remainder of Rupees in garbage as they are now worthless.
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