[Suggestion] Personal live map hotspots

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Is this a good idea?

Yes 13 vote(s) 86.7%
No 2 vote(s) 13.3%
  1. Hey guys,
    Would you like to see a custom live map? Where you could put markers and label them? If you have a wild base 50k + blocks from spawn it is easy to get lost. However, if you had live map markers, you could easily have a clear point for you to get to. For example I joined a wild team called Mercury team, and could never get to their base again, but if I had a way to mark this (like a star) , it would be easy. There will be a poll to vote, and be sure to do just that!

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  2. You do kow that the mini map mod is on the allowed mods list right?
    Although if your talking about something that would allow you to add your waypoints onto the livemaps.....That would be a good idea
  3. Pretty cool idea.
  4. I know... but for those of us who can't install mods it would be very helpful. I meant the waypoints.
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  5. The following photo is a cartoon style reenactment of me installing mods.

  6. follow this tutorial to add mods instead of doing them manually
  7. maybe as a "pre-realease" as a supporter feature, then after x amount of months, released to people with the title "well-known member"? so people would actually want to rank up on the forums :)
  8. Sorry we would never do something like that.

    Game server has no ties to Forums status, nor would we hold back a feature from the majority of our user base for "months" that we intend them to have.

    As for the idea overall, as posted on the 1.3 thread, I will be working on revamping the livemap. With what I have planned, waypoints is actually kind of easy, but don't expect it any time soon.
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  9. Is the Livemap based off Dynmap?
  10. yes it IS dynmap.
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  11. Ok, Strange - It looked a lot different then the one my Server uses used
  12. The HTML has been modified a bit, and stuff like Chat is disabled.

    PM me your server dynmap url, cause others dynamp I saw is very similiar but has login and chat options basically.

    And were testing the latest version on SMP1 currently (it is suppose to fix issues with bukkit that older versions cause) and I see no difference.
  13. I don't use it anymore - I run a vanilla server - Mine looked just like EMC's but had chat and cave mapping.