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  1. Huge, slightly needed disclaimer: THIS IS NOT VANILLA. It is a suggestion for new content, away from the vanilla servers. This idea would not interact with the vanilla servers in any way at all (excludes one thing that I'll explain). If you love vanilla, feel free to avert your eye's now. Now we've got that out of the way, let's begin...

    After an idea posted by Pab10s posted on the "Introducing "community perks"" thread sparked my imagination, I've put together this thread. Yes, I know this is all very far-fetched and will probably never happen, I personally just love the sound of it and want to share it with all.

    If you don't know what an instance is, it's basically a private world that you can enter with your friends. Generally, they're not huge things (eg: a whole wild), but just small little maps or games. Here's the idea: make a whole server dedicated to instances - but not just one type of instances. Pack it full with a huge amount of unique features.

    For example, if anyone remembers arenas.empireminecraft.com, they were basically mob arenas, although fairly small ones. What I'm imagining is a dungeon raider kind of randomly generated map. You're chucked into a huge network of tunnels with a few friends, you can't break/place blocks and you have the bare minimum tools/armour when you start. It's pretty much a sewer theme, you're in a sewer being chased by mobs, and there's hidden chests full of useful equipment such as food, weapons and potions, traps and secret doors. These "sewer tunnels" go on forever, and the goal is to survive as long as possible. As an example prize, every minute you survive you get 10 rupees.

    But it wouldn't have to just be limited to that - the PvP servers are coming, so I wont suggest survival games or anything like that (although it could work too). There could be skyblock, or a very quick paced hardcore mode, where it's always night, very high mob spawn rate and you start with nothing. There's a limited map size, normal hardcore rules apply and you have to work as a team to survive.

    I'm only touching on a very few ideas that could work for this. The possibilities are endless (and postable below by you)! Yes, it's not what the SMP's are about, no, it's not vanilla. It's new, never been done to this extent before but I really think with the amazing community we have, it could work. Also, I play on a skyblock server. Imagine if we could carry over a player base (which is about 8000) and stick it onto our already huge one. The Empire really could grow so much.

    What I'm imagining is a hub world. You spawn in the middle of a large circular room and there's portals to different sorts of instances surrounding you. Using a command you create your team, then you all enter the same portal to be teleported to the same world.

    Before it's said: yes, I know this isn't the easiest/cheapest thing to implement. But imagine, just imagine if it could, all the new things that could come with this.

    I've blabbed on enough. I hope this idea makes sense, and I indeed hope you understand and like it. :)

    Community Suggestions
    Zombie survival, similar to a certain other server that I can't name here due to T&C restrictions
    Survival Games
    BattleDome - team based survival games
    Capture the wool/monument thingy
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    And first.
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  3. I approve.
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  4. I like the sky block
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  5. How about a zombie survival thing like MineZ.
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  6. You have my ninjas approval :p
  7. Approved by the fluff!
  8. Uhhhhh YES!

  9. That would be cool...
  10. Although skyblock is an extremely small part of this idea, I'd still like to expand on it. What I'm thinking, is that all the skyblock islands are on one world, just far away from each other. Each individual gets one island, and they're free to add perms to as many people as they wish (although there's only two perms: visit and member - visit is the equivalent to move, member is build, use and container combined). That way, each person would be free to have their own personal island, and if a team member wished to use their island for teamwork, a team island too.

    Now, how I'm seeing it work is have a command (eg: /skyblock goals) to show you the tasks you need to complete, similar to original skyblock. You wouldn't be forced to complete them, they'd be completely optional, but for each one you complete you'd earn a small rupee reward. Say a task is to make a tree farm. To confirm that you have made one, you have to hold a block of wood (which you can't get in any other way) then use a command such as /skyblock confirm. This would then be ticked off on your goals list.

    Yes, I know how in-depth I'm going with this, I just want to make it as clear as humanly possible.
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  11. Thisis a good idea. If the team cant swing itall, maybe they can implement one thing at a time, starting with skyblock.
  12. Kudos to you! You have thought out of the box, horizons will get expanded by this idea! Even if it was not possible, this still is an incredible idea.

    Please, let everyone read this suggestion.. Bloodra1n approves!
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  13. I like the idea Jack, nicely presented.

    Pig approved!
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  14. That's what I'm partly using here, a building block system. For example, to be able to launch the server, all you'd need is a hub and one type of instance. Over time, more and more could be added, until we reach a level of over 9000 awesomeness.
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  15. XD I was watching TV today and a commercial had a little logo on the side that said Chuck Norris Approved, it was for laundry stuff. Anyways, off topic. EMC gets survival games? (maybe)
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  16. Although I might be getting this completely wrong, I'm thinking the PvP servers might be very Survival Gamesy, just with the breaking of blocks and not on the traditional map. Although, I agree - adding Survival Games using this system could work very well.
  17. What about BattleDome/EMCDome
  18. Mind explaining what that is? lol