[IDEA] Longer reach distance on residences:

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Yung_Cereal_GOD, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Perhaps a longer reach distance on residences could be implemented? Say, creative mode reach distance on residences? It would make building a whole lot easier! :)
  2. I don't know. Right now I think the current reach distance is completely fine and the thing that makes building easier in creative is flying and instant mine.
  3. Yes, but having a 12 block reach distance will make building a crap-ton easier. :D
  4. ok 1: no such thing as a crap ton, probably because no body thought about gathering that much,

    and 2: no. its not a vanilla MC feature, so why should we have it?

    this server already made building great, it doesn't need any improvements.
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  5. A money system, residences, and no mobs in the default world is not vanilla either.
  6. what im getting at is,lets not be mojang and add stuff we dont need, and put the stuff we promised and should be working on to the side.

    we are not mojang, therefore we will not be doing this.
  7. False. A crap-ton is an actual unit of measurement.
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  8. only for the people who have to say crap instead of the real measurement.
  9. This guy actually has a legitimate idea here that could possibly be implemented in the future. This isn't one of those crazy ideas like "PLox can we haz flyn iin towwn and xrayyyz modz tooz!11!!!??!!?". This is actually a realistic proposal to be thought of here. Remember we aren't exactly all that "vanilla minecraft". We like to think of ourselves as "French Vanilla" so to speak. So in reality, this will either be implemented, or not because of reasons that it would lean too much into a creative mode environment.
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  10. "We will not be doing this".
    *Achem* That will be up to the admins! :D
  11. Hate to say it, but I'm fairly sure that this is done clientside.
  12. Not sure about that. It seems like it could be done through server plugins.