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  1. You know at the spawn there are the theleports that goto the wilderness and the nether. Well maybe they could add a teleport to the end at the spawn. Yes. No. Maybe. You Decide!
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  2. I agree.
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  3. The end is so small that it could easily be griefed or largely harvested for the end stone. For some end grinding players, that would be putting a portal right on their doorstep.
  4. that would be cool, but i agree within a short amount of time there would be no more endstone and it would be just
    blackness. If they did that there would need to be a very large end
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  5. It would be unfair on the people who found it legitimately. I vote no.
    And ICC nor Justin Guy would put a teleport to the End
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  6. Go find one yourself! It's not hard!
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  7. Not big enough.
    Better. :)
  8. No.... the end is greifed so much as is, at least the smp4 one is. We have 2 or 3 spawners, and they are griefed so much.
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  9. No, but these teleporters are awsome! Lets get at least 1 of these!
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  10. This would make building in the end impossible.
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  11. Wouldn't this be a little like graduating from college without actually having to attend any classes ?
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  12. But then finding an End Portal would no longer be fun and exciting. :(

    These aren't vanilla and won't happen on EMC. But I'm sure they're lots of fun on singleplayer :)
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  13. Snap!
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  14. Cant add any of those. EMC is vanilla in the sense of adding no new blocks.
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  15. Y y?!!!???
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