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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by JackBiggin, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Justin is obviously busy making new flags and I respect him so much for that. However, the other day I found that (at least on /res flags ?) there are some flags that just have been blocked for normal players. I'd love it if some of these flags were given to us. Obviously some of them are blocked/disabled to stop PvP and mobs spawning, but if possible and tech limitations allow then could the following please be enabled:
    • admin - no, this doesn't make you a ninja like Justin. All it does is let you change that reses flags, similar to the owner and perfect for alt. accounts.
    • subzone - I've seen it used for the spleef at /fun and I think it would be an amazing tool to have. It could even stop quite a few griefings. I know it's been argued that some users would find it to complex but it's not like they have to use it. I know that using the default //wand (wooden axe) would be a bad idea, but using something far less common such as a button (only an example) could work. Admittedly it wouldn't just be enabling the flag, you'd have to enable subzones in general but I really would love it. Also, if it would cause lag by letting people select them then just make it a supporter perk.
    So yeah, that's it. :)
  2. I like the subzone idea- Even if it takes an advanced command line
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  3. I support this. We need more commands! :D
  4. yeah having subzone command would provide people to build markets shopping centres etc and not worry about griefers!!
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  5. An Ink sack is good for using as a wand.
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  6. Kind of like a res inside a res.
  7. I can see monster not being enabled since town is supposed to be safe and all that.
    I'd love egg but this is about existing flags (and I think the egg one is being worked on). I do think I've found a possible quick fix for egging though. The animal flag - it prevents animals spawning. I'm not sure this is only natural spawns though. Sure, it would mean no animals but I can live with that to prevent my res from being egged. It would also prevent squids from spawning in water... :D
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  8. Actually I like the squids spawning in water, except for my irrigation troughs on the wheat field. I was planning on making a bigger, deeper pool in one of my res's to encourage them to spawn.
  9. We're talking here to have an option to disable them. Option.
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  10. So disabling mob spawning in your residence... The town world actually spawns friendly mobs: squids, cows, chickens, pigs... But usually there are already so many mobs around that they don't naturally spawn. I think a command to disable only the natural spawning would be good. As long as it doesn't effect any despawning rates and throwing an animal egg.
  11. I can't really tell from the help to be honest. I think it will probably block it in every way but at least if would stop egging until a solution is made (universal egg flag *hint hint*). These commands already exist, they're not new ones. They just can't be used by players. Although I do think it would be a good idea.
  12. Great idea! I'd like to see both of these as well.
  13. Giving another player admin to a res is something we'd rather not do at this point. We give each person their own res and option to support to get more than one. We already have a handful of complaints everyday because 'player b did [action] on player a's res because he had permissions]. I couldn't imagine the headaches that would come if unsuspecting player a's gave admin permissions to their res's to evil player b's. I'm not 100% closed to the idea, just heavily leaning towards nay on it for now.

    Also, We're aware of the subzone flag but for our size, we haven't been able to properly workout a way to allow them without causing massive strain on the server. Right now each server is constantly checking 1500 residences for changes every second. By adding subzones, that's kind of like another "mini" res the server has to constantly be checking as well.

    Both ideas, while good at it's core are both faulted due to our size. Being big is a good thing, but obviously it brings restraints as well, from time to time.
  14. Any chance of the animal flag, oh great one?
  15. IcC (<- Proper way to type it) always knows just how to say things :cool:
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  16. I'm actually not sure how the animal flag works exactly, so I won't be the one to properly answer that one, sorry.
  17. Even from back in the day, most people do it ICC so I got used to that being correct.
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