[Forum] Change Default Font!

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by nfell2009, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. We should be able to change what we want to any font/colour (dont bother me i use normal)

    So like under signature there is "Default Font" then you can change the font and colour so everything you type into the forums/pm etc will be that font and colour

    So Like:

    I agree with this as nfell is awesome and so am i!
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  2. any comments? about it?
  3. /Support I like my colored font.
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  4. I tried to do colored font, but I forgot most of the time, so I quit. +1
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  5. Thanks for those comments guys!!
  6. Same here. :3
  7. I usually forget to :p I do try my best, though. XD
  8. Hasnt a mod/admin seen this!!
  9. So basically you would like to know if the Xenforo software has the option of being able to remember your personal settings for the font type/size/colour, and let you set custom font settings for aspects of the website? :)
  10. yes like how we can change the color of the emc pages
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  11. Yeah!!
  12. Both very good points but I'm sorry if the Xenforo software doesn't already have the settings existent it just isn't possible without quite alot of independent programming not to mention it would use TONS of server storage space to remember over like 40'000 member's personal settings!

    Yes it would be a nice feature but I don't think it is really necessary in the end. I mean it's just what the text looks like it isn't like it's a life or death situation! It's not that hard to do a couple of clicks to make your font look like this!

    Honestly I think it would be time wasted as there are better things things JustinGuy could be doing such as I don't know real life things! Not to mention he is always bringing out new features for EMC! What would you rather have, the choice of a default font/colour/size or would you prefer to have even better features being added to EMC regularly?