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Is this a good idea?

Yeah, it's great! 27 vote(s) 61.4%
No, I don't like it. 7 vote(s) 15.9%
It could use some tweaking... 10 vote(s) 22.7%
  1. As many of you know, when 1.3 comes out, Minecraft will support server-side texture packs, or a server texture that is automatically applied when you log on. (However, you can turn this off.) However, if we wanted an EMC texture pack, what would it be? I personally suggest that:

    The pack is 16x16, so nobody absolutely has to install MCPatcher

    The community votes on a theme (futuristic, rustic, steampunk, pig, etc). We could choose themes by letting anybody submit a theme for ~1 week, then we vote on the themes that make it into the finals, like a primary election. 5-10 themes, maybe? The winner of the finals would be the TP theme.

    We hold a contest to determine what textures make it into the pack. The form might look something like this:

    IGN: SpaceShuttleFan
    Server: SMP1
    Res #: 2585
    Block/Item texture: Iron Block
    Link to texture: (LINK)

    The entries could be judged by Justin and ICC, then smashed into a nice big server texture pack. Ideas? Opinions? Post them here!
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  2. I like it.
  3. I don't really like this idea. Trying to decide what the texture pack will look like will cause massive arguments. In the end a few would feel like they won, while most will just be left angry. EMC doesn't need more infighting and arguments right now. Also I don't see the point; most people already have a favorite texture pack(s) that they use. I feel that only a small portion of players would use a server side texture pack.
  4. True. For example, I have severe OCD, and everybody is bound to have a different style.
  5. have it for download so if you want it you can have it all the time
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  6. That is not the point though. We are talking a server wide TP to get rid of things like X-ray and such.
  7. well still i don't want a texture pack i may not like imposed on me
  8. Think of the benefits though.
    1) NO XRAY
    2) Things have the same texture so if it looks good on your Comp. it looks good on everyone's.
    3) We could make an EMC texture pack.
  9. The texture pack would not be imposed you would be able to turn it off. People would still use X-ray.
  10. I would guess that turning said feature off is a good solution for those that wont get their texture option selected.
  11. But I like the default one... :p
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  12. yes but i like the look of dokucraft on EMC
  13. I have an idea that the texture pack changes every week so people get to test out texture packs they haven't seen before and if they don't want to use them it's there choice.
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  14. Or maybe instead, ICC and Justin could have a contest for an individual, or a team to design and submit texture packs that everyone could test and vote on.
  15. As long as it's not that ugly oCd texture pack I don't care :)
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  16. I've never had a textures pack. So I would love this!
  17. i can make a texture pack for free if you want to. just tell me what's the theme of it and i make one.
  18. Am i the only one who likes the default texture of Minecraft the best. BTW i have tried over 20 texture packs.
  19. It is in my top 3 and I have tried over 100 texture packs.
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