Sup Another Contest! Server-Side Texture Pack! (1.2.6)

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  1. As Lots of you know there is gonna be a server-side texture pack in 1.3
    So why EMC doesn't have one!

    So Judges are:
    • DangerousPopcorn
    • Marknaaijer
    • Shaunwhite1982
    • Mrsmiley99
    Prices are:
    1. ___5000R And official EMC texture pack (If approved by mods)
    2. ___2000R And a diamond.
    3. ___1000R
    ALL texture packs that are NOT created by you will be ignored. We will look for it.
    Contest Ending: The 15th of June.

    Also you should know some stuff:
    • Limited to which Resolution? from 16x16-32x32
    • Must everything be changed? You should not change EVERYTHING. But if it good we will judge it
    • Not allowed to "borrow" anything from any other texturepacks. (Stealing textures is frowned upon)
    • How each submission is judged? Everything is judged! we will look at it very very well. But what we want? anything! just post yu own texture pack!
    • Do not make it HD please, due lag and the need of downloading HDPatch (I have no problem with this, but think of the other people)
    Thanks for @Zabriel for posting this.

    Please post you texture packs in this way

    Texture Pack Name:
    Is it based on something?(Optional):

    Having Problems With Programs To Edit? Here's a list!

    • Photoshop
    • Gimp
    Well nothing else to say! Just go ahead, let the contest beggin!
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  2. Good idea for a contest, but you might want to include some more details, such as
    • Limited to which Resolution? (8x8, 16x16, 32x32, etc.)
    • Must everything be changed? (Whether is it ok to leave some stuff as the default)
    • Not allowed to "borrow" anything from any other texturepacks. (Stealing textures is frowned upon)
    • How each submission is judged? (Aesthetics? Good blending? Creativity?)
    On another note, making a good texture takes alot of time and effort, so those who are going to make one, be prepared to spend at least 30mins ~ 2hours on Each entity on average. (Based on my own experience)
  3. Hummm, it seems interesting.
  4. 2 hours to make a creeper? it takes only 5 secs for him to blow up!
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  5. Yes, I'm doing this!!!!!
  6. Hmm. Could you provide links to texturepack makers or something?

    I would like to take a try at this :D
  8. Oh yeah, and MS paint! :p
  9. Rob, I recommend you get your Minecraft's terrain.png and the item one (Check on MC Wiki, I can't remember the name) and just edit that. Paint's good enough (or iWhatever if you have a Mac) since Minecraft isn't exactly the most detailed game ever. But please: DON'T MAKE EVERYTHING CAKE! :)
  10. It's interesting because iPhoto is a terrible photo editor imo. I use Paint, as I don't think Macs have any iPhotoEditor software that's free.
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  11. Isn't there a mac version of Gimp?
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  12. I don't think so.
    EDIT: I mean, aperture is somewhat of a photo editor, but it's like $300...
  13. Just found the Mac version (click). But $300, ouch.
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  14. I already knew those programs, I meant programs specifically for these. I recall seeing a few before.
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  15. Rob I will make a texture pack for you where every item is cake xD
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  16. But then... I.... DO IT.
  17. What?!? No my idea I get to do it!
  18. They're not giving it to you...
    And piracy is against the law (not that I or anyone else care). Just sayin.
  19. I'm pretty sure they're talking about aperture, but I can't be positive.
  20. Any way to make Texture Packs, free? I'm gonna enter this :)