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  1. We should have moderators just specifically for the forums so the in game moderators do not have to spend so much time on the site afk and all IG they will be able to focus in game more and maybe possibly moderate the in game chat more.
    Not that I am saying the current moderators are not doing a good job they just have a lot of stuff on their hands it seems.
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  2. Thank you.
  3. This also would give more opportunities for members to become staff members, and some of them very much deserve that position.
  4. I think our moderators and ICC are handling the forum very well right now. If you have too many people things just get confusing :D
  5. Check your PM :D
  6. Not that they aren't handling it very well like I said it would give more positions to members who deserve the position, and the moderators are usually in game playing alone and/or handling reports. They would still have access to the square on the site but are assigned to in game.
  7. Agreed. Everything is more or less under control.

    Ideally, all moderators should be monitoring the servers and the forums concurrently as much as possible. Whether all moderators need equivalent forum powers is a matter for the staff.
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  8. If someone was dedicated to one or the other there would be a lot more productivity instead of switching or looking at both because you can focus more in depthly... If I were to decide who would be more dedicated in the forum it would be ICC, Aikar, and Twitch.. As they are pretty informative in the forums :p.. The other mods/ senior staff are really good at the IN-game moderation. There are enough mods to handle each server at a time.. We add mods when it seems things are getting out of control or a mod leaves or becomes busy with social life :)
  9. If we have dedicated mods to servers how come there are barely any moderators online in a server, let alone the forums.
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  10. Mainly, becuase on the servers, they can moderate without being IN the server. They are like, hidden. Like a boss. And there is almost always one or two mods on the forums at a time mostly.
  11. Or just more normal moderators?