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  1. For all of us in Snow Biomes.... we all know the annoyance of water freezing; but we can always just light it up nearby to keep it 'liquid'. But I often have the opposite problem, the ice I have placed throughout my residence - I have to place light sorces far enough away to avoid it melting and making a huge mess everywhere.

    So my suggestion is that a residential flag is made/found similar to firespread. I understand that this will be by no means be easy to do, but I would appreciate it.

    I dont know what the command name would be. But it would prevent ice melting/freezing/any other minecraft features that are inavertedly linked...
  2. Not a bad idea, and also for it to not form as well.
  3. P
    Put a shelter over it, that prevents it from freezing, or put it underground.
  4. I presume that if there is a command added at all, it would be easier to include both.
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  5. it just looks dumb if you have a row of floating blocks
  6. Make them SUPER high then.
  7. Go to the top of your res and then make a giant covering of glass, no one could tell!
  8. Not unless you had optifine and set it to EXTREME (sorry for caps but thats what it says when you do that ;))
  9. Water will freeze if it has direct contact with the sky.

    You can go around 255 high and at level 256 make a huge glass ceiling so the water doesn't freeze.

    About it melting,I can't help.
  10. Yes, we have established how to prevent water from feezing : glass, blocks, or light...

    Lwts not forget about the second part of this - how to keep ice from melting with a block of glowstone 2 blocks away
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  11. I like the idea!