[Suggestion] A EMC eBay Site

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Good Idea?

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  1. So, I dont mean auction/sell real items such as EMC items (good idea though :p) But to have a website where people can post a item and then others can bid on it with a "Buy Now" I know there are auction already but these are hard to find sometimes and you can even set up a EMCBid shop

    (btw the name of the site should be EMCBid)
    Any suggestions post below!
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  2. I suggested to IcecreamCow a while ago that there should be a seperate site/place for auctions because I don't think forums are the best place for this thing as things like false bids, bumping, editing ect can happen. I have heard no reply :(
  3. How about we focus on enhancing the core elements of the server rather than waste time and resources adding pointless features?
  4. well were on the same side :D i agree people changing forums and they should link it to rupees where you cant bid without enough money and then when you bid if you win the money get took out the account the item sent to user
    /auction {item} {price} {description} then in about soon its on the site, but it cant be took down without PMing IcC with a CORRECT reason
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  5. I think the whole auction kind of thing need reviewing in a similar way to how the shop system is been reviewed and changed,

    @AusQB I agree that there are other priorities right now but they are changing the shop system which works fine as it is, why shouldn't they change the auction system too?
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  6. Shop system was pushed back behind the Wilderness updates... So we are doing that.

    An auction system is already planned to be worked in AFTER The shop system, and be of the same feel, ingame with signs etc but likely ALSO a web interface to it too. But since thats so far out, design of that hasnt been worked on... so just hold off and deal with the forums in the mean time.
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  7. all hail the king...
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