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  1. We should be able to /home from the wilderness/nether/end to make for easier way home so we can explore out further without losing our way back and risk dying and losing all the items we were carrying.
  2. There would be no sense of adventure if this were put into place. :) There is always the live map which can help you get back home.
  3. I would hate if you could do this, love the feeling of adventure :)
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  4. If this was in place diamonds, glowstone etc would go down in price a lot.
    I think a mod should stop the thread before people start saying 'are you stupid that's a mad idea'
    A mean the space twinkle has got some reasons about the topic

    Ps if you keep the thread open I don't mind
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  5. i want it but i think that griefers would love this! no diamond pick? place a chest place your stuff in, die, grab a new pick, do /home then grief! :(
  6. But his reasons are bad...
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  7. Vanilla Experience!!!!! Nuff said.
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  8. I'm so tempted to put up the bear. But seriously though, that would kill the sense of adventure, and make everything soooooo much easier to get.
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  9. I'm expecting "How about no bear" soon.
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  10. A Mod liked my post!
    well I have gotten one of my post liked by JustinGuy before and a few other mods BUT STILL!
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  11. Oh, wow
  12. i agery we shud i got losed with a full inventory:( i died too
  13. But see, the feeling of loss and risk is all part of the game. Without either of those elements, EMC would not be EMC, and it would get very boring very quickly.
  14. Not to be mean, but deal with. You arent the only one who has had that happen. Ever lose 12 stacks of redstone and a stack of diamonds? I doubt it, but when i did lose that i didnt come here whinning about it. Im not claiming that you or the OP are whinning, im just laying it down for any whiners who are tempted to post:)
  15. You died with a full stack of diamonds................. that must stink. I have dies with 5 stacks of redstone before however.
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  17. Lol i remember in 1.1 I got lost in the wild and I didnt know about the live map yet so I found a house with a half built house next to it and turned it into a city with no one in it. The is made a big hole and jumped inside and killed myself.
  18. Ive been lost in the wilderness, ive lost full inventories. I just RUN LIKE HELL to get it back. adds a feeling of urgancy.
    and yes ive lost plenty because of it, but while its anoying it is part of the game.
    Maybe being able to carry teleport pads (one time use) into the wilderness that you can place outside the safe zone and link together... nothing that would take you /home or into the safe zone minde you. Ive noticed that on the live map there are two boundry lines, The safe zone, and then another one farther out (i think its yellow), maybe make it that they can only be placed outside the outer boundry, makes it easier to explore but doesnt kill all the adventure.
    just an idea.