I recently realized something that can improve the forums

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Is this an amazing idea?

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  1. I was browsing around XDA-developers and I realized something. Whenever you post 2 or more posts, they bunch up in one single post! An example is below:
    As you can see there is a border/boundary that states that a post was added.
  2. So it would combine the posts with boxes around each post, and then the signature would be underneath all of that? If this is what you are saying- I think it is a great idea.
    It would help if people just wouldn't double post in the first place... It would be even more great if people learned how to use the Edit button. No offense to anyone.
  3. This was made for DogsRNice
  4. lol. I almost crapped my pants at that one.
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  5. Why are you posting ignorant replies when this is typically a good idea. Instead of trying to "troll" all the time maybe sometimes you can get your act straight and actually post something useful.

    Instead of posting a bear with captions saying "How about no" how about YOU post something that makes sense on why this shouldn't be implemented in the forum system. Your trolling in this thread is not welcome, unless you have anything smart to say I suggest you keep your ideas/thoughts to yourself.
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  6. Woah. You just told him out.
  7. It seemed out of place- I think this is an idea that should definitely be discussed. Of course there will be people against it; but an explanation would be preffered
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  8. Exactly, but however there are no disadvantages to this method. I have no clue how people would disagree with this idea.
  9. Sounds like an alright idea, but I wouldn't say it would be #1 priority. Something for us to consider, though. Definately. :)
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