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  1. I'm not sure if this has been suggested already so forgive me if it has- I was playing around with the rupee history and it didn't seem like there was any sorting capability- SO-

    #1 I would LOVE to be able to sort/ filter the rupee history to be able to see just credits, or just deductions...
    #2 Being able to sort those in order of increasing/ decreasing/ date/ etc.

    ummm.... that is all for now :)
  2. I like this idea :)
  3. I dont like this idea i LOVE it!!
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  4. Ditto. :)
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  5. Double ditto.
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  6. What do you mean by ditto? :confused:
  7. Ditto is the same thing as saying "same here"
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  8. Ditto, I choose you!!
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  9. JustinGuy likes idea. Everyone else LOVES idea. Win.
  10. *does a little dance*

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  11. Woot, I just saw this and fell in love with the idea, I can't wait when/if this idea is implemented! :D
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  12. As many players had undoubtedly found, it can be a little hard to locate and remember every locked chest, especially if there are quite a few of them. Another feature that would result from the ability to sort rupees, is the ability to list/locate your [LOCKED] chest locations. :)

    Until this feature is implemented (if it is), i am happy to provide the locations of locked chests for anyone who wishes, just send me a private convo message and I will reply with locations. :)
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  13. One time, I went to my rupee history and all I saw was JUNK!!
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  14. Tomato ditto
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  15. Crepper Ditto! Every "Ditto" needs a hostile mob!! :D
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  16. Creeper Puhleeeeez Ditto
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  17. *Creeper gets so mad that Saj didnt read post. Crepper blew up*
  18. *Creeper is blind* *Head explodes using smelling cheese alien hat powers*
  19. Another suggestion I have is to be able to search rupee transactions by a person's IGN. I got in an argument with someone who claimed to not have sold me something they did, and I had to look through hundreds of pages for that one name (after I remember the approx date) :p
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