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  1. People might want to trade with other villagers on res' so how about

    /res pset/set trade {player name} t/f/r

    Any suggestions?
  2. Possibly. It could just be implemented into the use flag however :)
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  3. Very good idea I think
  4. good idea
    finsup approved
  5. well, you don't need one? i have villagers on my res now, and they'll trade with me? i haven't needed a flag for it. so i'm a bit confused. haha.
  6. Batt eggs I think he means to give other players the ability to trade with your villagers, like you can give other people build perms but you already have them ;)
    Hope I helped :)
  7. no no, the res's i've traded on, were not mine.
  8. Exactly. The idea is you could control who can trade with your villagers. Whether other players could trade with them on your lot.
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  9. well the lot that i traded on, i have all perms for, but its a friends res. does that matter? i've never walked on some random res and traded with their villager (security) dudes. lol
  10. Right now, you are able to walk onto any res and trade with anyone's villager assuming you can get to it, without having any permissions (except move of course). The suggestion is for a flag to change that.
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  11. well aren't you on the ball today! ^.^
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