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  1. i think we should take out the villager mob egg because someone could just keep on trading and getting rare items for cheap like you could have a villager farm for crying out loud you just keep trading with them
  2. They already disabled breeding, so how else are we supposed to obtain/use villagers? They arent going to take the egg out, just saying. Too many people have prepared for villager trading, and so far only one person wants to eliminate the only way to do so in town.
  3. Also, you would only have Farmer (brown) villagers, considering there is no breeding. As a result, I see no reason that having eggs is OP.
  4. i am just saying that someone can buy a lot of villager eggs get tons of item easily
  5. how?

    After all, you can only get farmer trade requests. So, it would actually be much smarter to just have one and spam the open/close window :)
  6. Yes but it also takes tons of items to get those tons of items.
  7. This server is what we like to call "french vanilla", whatever Mojang launches we play. We aren't going to remove something because it allows users to access items from villagers even if people can make a profit off of it. That is like disabling mining because people can just mine mine mine and get lots of diamonds.
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  8. not really
  9. Yes you only get out what you put in.
  10. all i am saying is that you can trade with any villagers to get better items for worse items easily
  11. You have to put in many bad items to get one good item, it all evens out.
  12. if you dont like it just buy as many eggs you can find and kill them.
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  13. dude some times you have to put in 2 gravel and 1 emerled how is that rare you could go to a shop and buy 3 stacks of gravel got like 10r
  14. What you meant to say was you put in 10 gravel and an emerald and get 4 flint.
  15. um no i updated and did a villager seed and did that and dont tell me what i meant to say i no what i wnated to say
  16. Well as of 5 seconds ago you can't do what your saying.
  17. what
  18. Omg this is like talking to a brick wall if you are going to throw a fit over villagers just do this:
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  19. *waits for ICC and aikar to comment for the 1000000th time then lock the thread*
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  20. you need to calm down man thats why its the suggestion box