Would like to test a server put to be tekkit

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  1. hello i was thinking that it would be awesome if smp5 or a test server could be turned to tekkit or at the very least add equvilant exchange into minecraft would make it much easier to get martial when people arn't selling w2as just a thought but yeah
  2. what part is confusing?? the part about tekkit? or how i said it?
  3. They wanna keep EMC vanilla as much as possible. I never tried tekkit before, but I do think that it's an good idea tho, but eh 1% chance for this will happen' :p If they won't bring arena back they will never get tekkit :D
  4. lol.. I had your skin until a few nights ago.. I got bored of being Rainbow Dash and change my skin.. xD I don't know how to explain it now.. <,<
  5. actually its .1111111%
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  6. =P
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  7. 1) EMC doesn't add non-Minecraft-official blocks into the game
    2) It is a bukkit server with a Vanilla mentality
  8. i think it's GREAT! but it ain't be added EE is TO powerfull like bypass grief items
  9. It is not as simple as making it a Tekkit server and it would be too easy to create items and therefore it would ruin the economy on every server.
  10. Ailkiar said in another 'can EMC be tekkit' that a server this big on tekkit would be impossible to run
    1. Computer power
    2. The programming would 5x in size
    I like the idea but unfortunatley it's not possible :(
  11. Things Why No
    1.Then you'll have to download tekkit and so no
    2.There is a Block that you and recycle stuff for stuff
    So NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. What did you just say? Cant read through that language. Chill, the OP is just giving an idea you can either kindly support it or not support it. You dont have to yell at them for giving a suggestion.
  13. I'm just saying
  14. Translated:
    Now for my sincere personal opinion. I am fully aware of the fact that EMC is a vanilla server and I completely support that decision. However, it might be something worth considering in the distant future, perhaps as a "playground" server for supporters.

    I've tried in the past to advocate the addition of "special" servers, such as an adventure map server, but one's imagination can run wild without the knowledge of the technical limitations.
  15. I rather like the idea of an adventure map. However, maybe this server could be a perk to a supporter, or maybe finnaly boosting us old members? :D
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  16. Actually this is why I was looking into it..

    We very well COULD have a Tekkit server as a "Specialty" server. We are trying to look into adding some specialty servers like "Dystopia" and the upcoming PVP server. Tekkit is not unheard of.

    My initial testing had horrible results for performance, but I've been told numerous times there are tons of large Tekkit servers... so I obviously did something wrong (maybe because I was running it with very low memory).

    So in the future, we could re-evaluate Tekkit, however it would not be linked to the EMC SMP Servers in ANY way.

    No rupees, no vault, no item sharing. Tekkit does have some too powerful stuff, and if we do, I think it would be in our best interest to disable all of the EE aspects of Tekkit, as those are the most overpowered and "cheating" aspects which takes away the fun.

    Noone would be required to play on this server, so its no issue about the requirement for a special client setup. Same as the PVP... the specialty servers would be optional.
  17. Any dates for us on expected times for releases/tests?
  18. 2025! This may never happen, but if so it would definitely been next year before we even looked into it.
  19. Aww man.. I love Tekkit! If EMC got Tekkit I would go celebrate in the street haha!