Would like to test a server put to be tekkit

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by RainbowDashier, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. I would personally love to see this. Would defiantly get me to be a diamond supporter again if it was a diamond perk

    Although I would be sad to see EE2 as a whole go. There is plenty of stuff to that mod if you look past just gettin diamond from it.
  2. Maybe we could do a more thorough review of the features, but so much of it is so overpowered...

    invincible-like armor, ability to fly, ore detection in walls, transmuting items...

    what parts do you think are good but not overpowered? And who uses diamond in Tekkit? ;)
  3. Can we PLEASE have quarries?! Now destruction Catalysts would be banned tho. There are ites like Philosopher stones would be half banned you can craft them but not use them. Quantum Suit should be availible if people are amazing enough to build them :p.

    Nuclear Reactor= auto ban no way in heck should we allow that. Or just make explosion just the reactor itself :p
  4. That is just it. It gives you the abilities to find this stuff because of the insane amount of it you need to build the fun stuff.

    One thing is for sure. You can'tgo into tekkit thinking like you do with vanilla. It's pretty much a whole new game.

    Just to give you an idea. I like to build with dark/red matter blocks.
    ! dark matter block = 17 diamonds
    1 Red matter block = 57 diamonds.

    The amount of things tekkit adds to build you will never run out of things to do.

    This is mincraft. As soon as you get diamond armor nothing can harm you. The armor is there as something to work for. End game content if thats what you would prefer to call it.

    On the tekkit server I play I've been there for 3 weeks so far. And I don't even have my building finished. It is only about 25% done...... This is with using EE2 to the fullest.

    As far are most items with EE2 go I fully understand the need to ban them on a server. Way to much griefing power even with protections.

    You could make it so only admins can place them and make sure the person knows how to use it. If done right the only thing they could blow would be there own property.