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Add buying in wild

Yes add buying in wild! 5 vote(s) 20.8%
No! 19 vote(s) 79.2%
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  1. i have a idea of were you can buy in the wild like eg all from the town shop
    /buy item amount and u pay for shipping fees
  2. No. Go trade with other people.
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  3. This is basically cheating. Commands to acquire goods in the wild? No. Hire someone to travel to town for you.

    Now, if you want to enable shop signs in the wild, so you can sell to your fellow Fronteirsmen, then I'm onboard.
  4. Miss he red text, I see
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  5. To me this wouldn't be OK cause you are giving yourself materials that you aren't willing to go get yourself.
  6. Um... Come again?
  7. This thread is over 8 months old.
  8. Way to necro a thread
  9. What's the point in complaining about a necro thread? What's the real harm done? Besides, this section is for suggestions, and I followed the rules.

    Point in case: I posted to add content- you're posting to chide me. Back off.
  10. Here is some advice. Just accept you goofed, and move on from it. The red text clearly told you not to post.
  11. I didn't goof. There's nothing wrong with posting in a forum.
  12. There is when its old.
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  13. Mercenary don't worry, sometimes it happens and you don't realize it. Just ignore the people making rude remarks, they don't know how to nicely tell people they bumped a thread that had red text. As jkjkjk said accept you bumped the thread and move on.
  14. What would you rather I'd done, start a new thread? The instructions explicitly said not to. Or would you prefer I simply not post? Adding my own comments is what forums are for. Besides, don't like the thread?... don't read it!

    Say what you want, you wont get me to feel bad.
  15. How about we ask a Moderator to lock this thread? All happy! :)
  16. I did, it's being watched.
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