[SUGGESTION] Locking Auction Threads

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by chickeneer, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. This idea has the potential to completely backfire- so I will need added input into it.

    When an auction is done, the OP messages a Moderator to Lock it; or IcC or shaunwhite Hides it. My suggestion is to somehow give the OP the power to lock their own Auction threads. I bring this up because there are 22 Pages of Auctions in the Community Auctions Section. Most of the Threads on the Last page aren't even locked and they are from 3 months ago. Those can be safely assumed they are over, but ones from just a week ago start up on Page 3. The other day, I did some Messaging keep the Supporter Auction in check. It is currently on only 1 Page, but we don't want it to get out of hand like the regular community auction section.

    So how could this backfire? Well the OP could accidently lock the thread early; or they might abuse it-

    Example 1: Minecrafter1 is holding an Auction of 1 Silk Touch Enchanted Pick. . He gets a couple bids; and no longer wants to do the auction so he just locks it and that is it.

    Example 2: Minecrafter2 is also holding an Auction of 1 Silk Touch Diamond Pickaxe. He sets the Auction to end 48 hours after the last bid. He gets about five bids then Someone blows everybody else out of the water with a monstrous bid. After about 2 hours of that bid, Minecraft2 thinks that no one else will bid on it; so goes ahead and locks the Auction, even though there are 46 Hours left to go.

    My thoughts in response to these scenarios- If an auction is locked Accidentally, a Moderator could unlock it again- Then if someone abuses the Locking power on Auctions they could be either Perma-banned or Temp-banned from the forums for it.
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  2. Yes, this could help with the old auctions when new comers bump them. I think the people that have had 10 auctions should have the power to do so, because they have more experience with auctions. Otherwise, great idea!
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  3. So maybe- Once you become a certain Member status (by number of Trophy Points) This is generally a good indicator of Forum experience.
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  4. or if your a diamond supporter >:D
  5. We have no issue with locking old threads. Simply report the posts or message a moderator and we can handle it as we have been. It's what we're here for, so don't worry about adding work to us. :)
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