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Would you like to have the "Give Flag" flag.

Yes! 18 vote(s) 81.8%
Nooooo! 4 vote(s) 18.2%
  1. Say you have a close friend and both of you have a job to do on one res. Say your friend got someone to do a job for you on your res but then they would have to get you to give you the person flags. So, why not just give the friend a flag that lets them give flags. Because if your not on and their working on your res, they'd have to call you up, get you to go online, then give the player the flag. It would also be easier just give them that one flag then they give themselves the flag from their. It would be so much easier on time for the player. Fill out the poll with your thoughts.
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  2. Intersesting. You must really trust the friend.
  3. Yes well, it would only be close friends like friends in real life.
  4. Also it could be your 2nd account that needs the "Give Flag". I like this idea. (Even though its already been suggested)
  5. You stole my idea. From my brain. Sorta. :)
  6. Seems Legit
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  7. some one had a post like this
  8. I literally just thought of this because I got tired of my friend asking me to give our workers flags :p but it needs likes so a mod can see it and possibly JustinGuy...
  9. This is a good idea but you can't really trust anyone so its a bad idea :( There will be tons of posts like this "ig ave mah freind perms to my lott adn it gtoo GREEIFED! HALP!" I don't think anyone wants to see that :(
  10. This idea has been discussed many times, however it never seemed a staff member had looked into it, I think it should be added though
  11. Great idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. The flag exists. It's called the admin flag. It's currently blocked though, although ICC said it would be possible to win him over. Here's the post:

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  13. But this gives people like just normal players to be able to gives rights to whoever they want it doesnt have to be an admin
  14. I've seen a post before about something similar to this.

    I think the general consensus was: There are enough problems with the current flags and people taking advantage of players, a flag like this would only cause more issues.
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  15. I really need the admin flag to be allowed so I could give it to Jeanzl.
    Although when giving it it should be like

    /res pset Jeanzl admin true
    [Are You sure You want Jeanzl to have the Admin flag on Your Res type /res confirm to continue]
    /res confirm
    [Are you sure that you are sure? type /res confirm to continue]
    /res confirm
    [Okay last chance Jeanzl could greif your res so do you want Jeanzl to have ADMIN flags on Your RES type /res confirm to continue]
    /res confirm