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  1. I thought that how about under the servers tab or on the homepage with all the players online on the server. Instead of going into the server tabs to check if you friends online.

    Any comments?
  2. There is already a way to view the players currently playing on each server through the website/forums, are you suggesting there should be an easier way to access this information?
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  3. I think he's suggesting to have a place on the screen permanently to show which players are online.
  4. I presume he would like to have something that consolidates the player lists of all servers in one place instead of having to check each server individually.
  5. What he said
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  6. Yeah,

    Because sometimes I just wanna find a certian player to know they are online but i dont wanna keep going from webpage to webpage
  7. That shouldn't be too hard to set up I imagine, if the xenforo software allows for it of course.
    Possibly at the bottom of the servers page/tab.
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  8. Exactly what I was thinking, just as an expandable button as it is on each server page.
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  9. Yeah so on the servers page at the bottom

    Players Online - Expand
  10. I mean if we are going to be crazy all up in here how about a search bar that you can type their names in and if they are online it starts to autofill and if not than it won't show period.
  11. If it's possible, maybe have what server you're currently/last on on your profile page?
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  12. I've linked this thread into one with Justin to look at when he has a chance to make some site changes/updates, to see if it is feasible or not. :)
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  13. Do /p (Playername).
  14. or follow them.... it'll show a pic of their avatar near the bottom of the page by the "who's online". you can always unfollow too!
  15. Yay! I cant believe that I have made a good [Suggestion]