[Suggestion] Upgrades To RTS

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  1. So!

    I figured out that the way you enter a RTS system you spawn facing the same way at the other end. So I suggest that it does exactly how its set when the person who made it does /res tpsign

    Any ideas?
  2. I agree with this, but I also kept this in mind while building my shop... The limitation of the RTS system is that all of the info has to fit on a sign.
    I have absolutel no knoweledge of coding, but perhaps integrate the directions (0-3 found in the F3 screen) into it...
  3. If you look at the two teleports facing you when you enter my shop on SMP9 at 19000, you'll see that, to walk into them, you pretty much have to turn left or right... and I've positioned the destinations so that, if you do, you'll be facing the right way.

    If you get me?

    (I mean, my "enchanted items" and my "music shop")
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  4. Yeah, I've done the same thing with my new shop on 2.
  5. If you jump into the teleporters.... I do believe it resets the direction to the orientation it was recorded...
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  6. Nah, you're facing whichever direction you went in at. Try walking backwards into one (or sideways)
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  7. what I want is so that people dont have to do that
  8. Nope, if you jump it does reset the direction.
  9. Is it really worth all the time?
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  10. Yep
  11. Explain how.
  12. Because they say about improving the server and I believe that improving X features will help!! :D
  13. But how will this help?
  14. because then people can make teleports anywhere! And not have to put "Turn Around" signs
  15. If people can't figure out how to turn around by themselves, well, let's just say I can feel my faith in humanity oozing away.
  16. I think this is a good suggestion, but not necessary. This is a typical suggestion of icing on a cake. It's good without it, but is even better with!
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  17. Well, if you don't want to wait for this to be potentially updated - Just Set the teleporter 1 block below the rest of the floor so they have to fall on the Pressure Plate. Eventually, they may update the entire system to work without this solution
  18. Speaking of "upgrades" to the RTS, I always thought having [ACCESS] teleporters would be kind of neat.
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  19. Yeah. Or you could put a door in front of it with an access sign :p
  20. That could still be abused though...