Big Residences - SMP1-3

Jun 20, 2020
Big Residences - SMP1-3

  • SMP1(top)


    The Graveyard is one of the four special 124x124 Big Residences on SMP1. You can access it by typing /graveyard on SMP1. The current graveyard was released on October 30th, 2014 as an early Halloween celebration, and it was built by EMC's Build Team.

    It consists of graves, catacombs, and stone buildings that provide access to the graveyard's underground area, where you will find hidden chambers and tombs. The underground area is designed to resemble a real catacomb and a small labyrinth. The current outside design is a tribute to the original graveyard.

    Original graveyard(top)

    The original Graveyard served as the final resting place of banned players, and their names could be found on signs throughout the 124x124 residence.

    It was originally built by GamekribJeremy and the Senior Staff team, which consisted of AusQB and Dark_Liz, who also updated it as players were banned. As the population of EMC grew, maintenance of the graveyard became unsustainable.

    JustinGuy Tribute(top)

    The JustinGuy Tribute (/v jgtribute) located on SMP1 is an area of land made to give tribute to one of the original founders of EMC, JustinGuy. The tribute thread was released on February 22nd, 2015.

    The land consists of a giant pyramid that was built by JustinGuy in the center of the piece, of which the original is at residence 102 on SMP1, and around the outside are various tributes from other members of the Community.

    The winners of the JustinGuy Tribute Build Contest, in the order from the northwest corner and rotating clockwise, were:
    -wolffpack58 and EMCOverlord

    IceCreamCow Tribute(top)

    The IceCreamCow Tribute (/v icctribute) located on SMP1 is an area of land made to give tribute to another original founder of EMC, IceCreamCow. The tribute thread was released on May 29th, 2015.

    Around the residence are various creations made to honor him and what he did for the server. Some of these creations include a large cow getting milked and a timeline.


    Eternia (/v eternia) can be found on SMP1. One of Aikar's creations, Eternia, stands as a desert filled with underground tunnels. Although seemingly unimportant when seen from above, the tunnels underneath are maze-like.



    The park (/park) on SMP2 is a place to relax and get away from the bustling grind of the SMP Town life.

    The park consists of many different areas, including a lake, complete with a pier for fishing, a playground, and some paths that run through various biomes (such as jungle and swamp biomes) - all on one of the three special 124x124 Residences throughout EMC servers.

    The latest version of the Park was released on January 1st, 2014 as a New Years present to EMC, constructed by Krysyy with the staff team.

    The park once contained the EMC Time Capsule, which could only be opened at the End of the year. The time capsule has since been remodeled and moved.


    This SMP2 location (/v moose) is a large building sometimes called a Town hall. It is owned by Krysyy, and previously owned by ignoramoose. Damage can be taken on this residence, so be careful exploring.

    Time Temple(top)

    The Time Temple residence, accessed by typing /v timetemple, is used during the yearly opening of the EMC Time Capsule. More info can be found on its wiki page.

    EMC Head Museum(top)

    This museum is meant to store the Heads of players across the servers, with each competing to have the most amount of Heads on display. This competition took place in June 2013 on this thread by Krysyy.

    At the front of the build is the face of Notch, Minecraft's creator.

    Unfortunately, it is currently under renovation to reduce the lag caused by the large amount of Heads in the area. However, you can still access it using /v emcheadmuseum.


    Amusement Park/Funland(top)

    The amusement park (/fun), or Funland, located on SMP3 is one many special 120x120 Residences on EMC, built with many attractions inside, and was opened on March 11th, 2012.

    The residence includes a mini-Golf course, a roller-coaster, a double-level maze, an archery range, a water fun-house, an all accessible Spleef arena, and a Parkour area.

    The Amusement Park was one of the staff team's biggest teamwork accomplishments in the early days of EMC, with Dark_Liz as the project manager, and Bob23646, Green_Mystery, Malicaii12, amadai, GameKribJim, Ahzrael, and shaunwhite1982 as additional builders.

    TNT Run(top)

    The arena, accessed by using the command /v tntrun, is used for events where death could happen if you choose to participate. The large floating island sits directly above the lava. It is one of the few places in Town where you can be killed. A new arena, built by MoreMoople, was released on February 14th, 2020.


    This residence was used during Thanksgiving celebrations and features seating for a large amount of people along with some Thanksgiving-themed decorations. You can find it by using the command /v thanksgiving.

    Fist Fight(top)

    Fist fight (/v FistFight) is a Nether-themed arena that staff can use to host PvP events. The goal is to defeat players by either knocking them off the arena's platforms or hitting them to death. A new arena was built by Hashhog in 2019.

    Take part in events on EMC, host one yourself or visit a special Empire residence.