Big Residences - SMP7-9-Utopia

Mar 24, 2020
Big Residences - SMP7-9-Utopia

  • SMP7(top)


    SMP7's party (/v party) residence is where you can sometimes find the Hole In One event.

    Empire Palace(top)

    The /v empire_palace residence is a fortress build project which was started, but not completed, by former administrators JustinGuy and Icecreamcow. It is now owned by the EmpireMinecraft account.


    The /v snowball residence is used for occasional PvP snowball fights between teams. Staff often host these events during the December holidays.

    Fire Spleef(top)

    The Fire Spleef residence (/v exp) is an arena that combines Spleef and the flammable platform of FireFloor events. This event is no longer hosted, but the residence can still be accessed.


    King of the Hill(top)

    King of the Hill (/v koth) is a special arena that lets players race on ladders and knock each other off until there is only one person left at the top of the tower. It has since been moved to the Games Server, but the original residence can still be visited.

    Empire Games(top)

    The /v emcgames residence was the arena that hosted the Empire Games, a series of Olympic-themed events held in March through July, 2014 (thread). See the dedicated Wiki page for more information.

    Art Class/Pictionary(top)

    The /v artclass residence is host to games of Pictionary, a guessing game about what the host, usually Krysyy, is drawing on the in-game canvas.


    The /v parade was the host of the Flag Day parade, held on June 14th, 2017 (thread). Players were encouraged to make a banner and shield showing off their country's flag (or another pattern they chose) and then parade it through the barrier tunnel on the residence.



    The /v birthday residence held the original cake from the decoration events of July 25th, 2016 and now the cake from 2017. See the EMC Birthday Celebration Events page for more information.

    Hole In One(top)

    The /v holeinone residence on SMP9 is a secondary location for Krysyy's Hole In One event.


    Big Birthday Event(top)

    The /v bday2016 residence holds the mostly-invisible 'Stairway to Heaven' Parkour and a replica of decorated cake from the EMC Birthday Celebration Events of August 2016 (celebrating EMC's fifth birthday, which was on July 25th, 2016).

    Purple People Party 2017(top)

    The /v ppp residence on Utopia was used to host the Purple People Party of 2017, in which the admins dropped large amounts of items.

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