Big Residences - SMP4-6

Jan 6, 2023
Big Residences - SMP4-6

  • Smp4(top)


    The memorial is a special 124x124 place on EMC. It was built as a memorial of the tragic 9/11 incident, by EMC's build team. It is the host of the annual September 11th memorial service. You can access it by typing /v memorial on SMP4.

    This event is not a party, and players are required to be respectful if they attend because it is hosted to honor the fallen, during 9/11.


    The Old Store served as the store for a long time, until it was replaced with a new store (also gone.) The residence is also currently empty, though it can be visited by typing /v old_store on smp4.


    FireFloor is an event hosted by staff members. The objective is for players to stand on the sand, and leaves underneath are lit. Players try not to fall with the sand as the leaves underneath slowly burn away.

    All FireFloor events have now been moved to the Games Server. However, the old FireFloor location is still available for players to visit at /v Firefloor on smp4.

    Design in Time(top)

    Design in time is an event in which players had to design a themed plot, based on a certain build, in one hour only. They received permissions for a certain plot area and had to build on. They were only permitted to use materials provided, and any form of cheating resulted in disqualification.

    This residence can be visited by typing /v Design on smp4.


    Moon Landing(top)

    Moon Landing is the old store residence on smp5. It is currently owned by Aikar. Atop of moon landing is an armor stand, along with a spaceship and an airplane. It's accessible on smp5 with the command /v old_store.

    Maxarian Palace(top)

    The Dirt Shack is a residence on smp5 that is home to the retired admin Maxarias. She has many Promotional Items on display throughout her castle-like home. It can be accessed on the server smp5 via /v dirtshack.

    Mob Arena(top)

    The Mob Arena on smp5 used to be home to the Mob Arena staff hosted event. The event has multiple sections- including an area where damage can be inflicted and items are lost, an area where the winners can access, and a little store. Though the event itself has been moved onto the Games Server, it is still accessible on smp5 via the command /v mobarena.

    Creature Capture(top)

    Creature Capture is an old event that is no longer hosted. The object was to, as the name suggests, capture as many of the mobs as possible for your team to win. This large residence is accessible on smp5 via the command /v creaturecapture.



    6parkour is a residence on smp6 which is, essentially, a big maze of bedrock and glowstone. Players can slowly work their way up to the top. This residence can be reached by typing the command /v 6parkour on smp6.

    Veterans' Day Memorial (United States)(top)

    The Veterans' Day Memorial is a residence where players attend for a ceremony to remember those who've fought for the United States. At times, silence will be requested in Chat to show homage. At the End of the event, there will be a time for players to tell their own stories. It can be accessed with the command /v veterans on smp6.


    The Mudhut is the residence where the fishing events are hosted. The Mudhut is a collection of treehouses across the large residence, with a fishing pond in the middle. There are also various staff Heads and items spread across the residence. This residence is accessible via /v mudhut on smp6.

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