Introducing The EMC Games!

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    This event was suggested by Ice_Lightning99 and xothis_dwarf and with the help of the staff and a redstone mechanic by the name of B4DMAN5IMON, it is now official.
    The Empire will be holding its first official EMC GAMES!
    Come compete for the chance to win EMC GAMES Medallions!

    The event will be held mostly at /v emcgames on smp8. Specialized events will be held on their normal servers, such as firefloor on smp4.

    The list of events are:
    -Horse Race-
    -Foot Race-
    -Pig Racing-
    -Villager Tennis-
    -Mob Arena-
    -Boat Race-
    -Nether Spleef-
    -PVP Tournament-
    -Ender Pong-

    The arena will change each week to suit the challenge.
    Wednesday through Friday, the events that you can practice will be open to the public.
    The challenges that you cannot practice are marked with "EVENT" on the google calendar.

    On Saturday, players will compete to decide who represents their server on Sunday.

    On Sunday, it's server versus server in an epic battle.

    Further details can be found on the google calendar.
    READ IT!!! KNOW IT!!! LOVE IT!!!


    Application for Competitors:
    Google Calendar of Events:
    Current Participation List:

    Note: If your name is in a different color on the participation list, it means you are either confused about times or might not be able to make it.

    We have concession stand areas set up out front for refreshments/snacks during the games. If you would like to use one of these booths, please pm krysyyjane9191 on the forums.

    ***Disclaimer: Krysyyjane9191 might need to make adjustments to the calendar further out, due to scheduling with work/family. She will try to have another staff present for the event, but changes MAY occur. Details of any changes will be posted in this thread.***
  2. Whoot :) This looks amazing!
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  3. Hehehe good luck everyone!
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  4. The build looks Great! Can't wait to see/participate in the new games.
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  5. That arena looks fabulousss! Can't wait to compete, although it is obvious that SMP4 is the one and only supreme server ;D
  6. Wow, looks epic :)
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  7. Ooooooo Aaaaaaaaaah looks great, "Ender Pong" there are times you great-full for having a blocked nose :)
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  8. i like :)
    looks very epic
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  9. Sounds great! Do you have a pic of the medallions?
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  10. ...Is it bad that I saw "Mobarena" and that was all I needed to know?

    But really. This looks great and Olympic-y! Bit confused about Villager Tennis and Ender pong though, I guess we will have to see :)
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  11. Villager Tennis: You hit villager's with knockback.
    Ender Pong: I think your supposed to throw endpearls into cups like beer pong.
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  12. They will be made per event so no, not yet. Will be diamond, gold, iron blocks though...
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  13. Very nice. :) I can't wait to see some o' these events! Thanks for doing this!
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  14. :3 im excited for this!
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  15. Hopefully we can get some videos set up!
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  16. We should add a curling event ;)
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  17. O yeah, parkour time has began :D.
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  18. WOW! Awesome!
    I was hoping to see pig racing with a carrot on a stick! ;)
    Too bad falling off of stairs was not on the list either, I would win that hands down.

    Thanks for putting this on!
  19. I might be able to squeeze that in. I completely forgot about that =)