[BUILD CONTEST] IcecreamCow Tribute

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  1. Deadline: August 11, 2015 at 11:59 pm EMC time
    Hey guys/gals, I've been talking about this contest for what seems like forever so it shouldn't come as a surprise. I just got a little sidetracked with real life and all that so the deadline is extended a bit, but here we finally are...

    Introducing (Officially) the IcecreamCow Tribute Build Contest!
    (It follows the same format as the JustinGuy one we did previously)

    For those of you that do not know who IcecreamCow is, he was one of the founders of EMC and previously an admin. He and JustinGuy worked together to build this amazing community and while he has since parted ways with EMC, his influence is and always will be present in our community and his work on behalf of the community deserves recognition.

    How this contest works:
    Previously the community voted for what they wanted the centerpiece to be. Now we need the amazing builds from the community to surround it. The great part is that there are Multiple Winners, 12 in total.

    Prize: The 12 winners chosen will get their build placed in the areas around the centerpiece immortalized on EMC forever! (we will morph some edges to all fit together properly).

    Theme: Make something that pays homage to EMC's co-founder IcecreamCow.
    Size: 32 x 32 MAX
    Where: MUST be built on EMC. Include Res number or coordinates in your entry form.
    Deadline: August 11th, 2015 at 11:59 pm EMC time (2 months after ICC's birthday)

    Submission Form: CLICK ME TO ENTER!
  2. I love build contests
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  3. Lets go :)
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  4. Sounds fun!:)
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  5. oooo I may want to participate
  6. moo
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  7. Sounds brilliant! I cannot wait to submit something :)
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  8. Hm, I might actually participate this time...
  9. What's with the 0 comments bug on this thread?
  10. He deserves this
  11. Comment counter has always been a bit off at first. :)

    And yeah, I'll be participating. I think it'll be fun to build something with udders for once. :D
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  12. What? Only 301 views but 1,000 likes? What is going on here?! ;)
  13. Bt ther only 7 peeps on erth?
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  14. I'm not good at building but I'll see what I can make.
    One question,
    Is there a limit to how tall the structure can be?
  15. But I do not Have a 2nd Res
    Better save up for gold
  16. Wait... has the JustinGuy tribute been completed already, then? Where is it?
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  17. /v jgtribute on SMP1, I think it's been there for a long time :p

    I may have a go at this ICC build once I have got a bit more time to myself. Nice going! :D
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