The Many Faces of EMC Head Museum

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  1. lalala.jpg The Many Faces of EMC Head Museum is now OPEN!!!

    If you have already turned in your head, then you are counted for your home server's floor and should have received or will receive the rupees awarded to that server.

    For those of you that have not turned in your head, but still want to have a place among those already at the museum, please let me know in-game or on the forums and I will come retrieve your head or you can drop it off at 3007. (you dont have move but you can throw it into the hoppers)

    Player heads turned in *that are not already at the museum) will receive at least 25r.

    Old text from contest below...

    So with the new update, many of you might have noticed the new player heads you can receive as a rare item drop upon your own death. I am making an awesome build at 3007 where the 'faces' of EMC can be showcased to everyone who visits. There is a drop box where everyone can drop off their heads if they would like to have theirs included or you can contact me personally, your choice.

    Included in the build will be a super rare item known as ICECREAMCOW's HEAD (original) since I am one of 2 owners and this is the perfect place to showcase it =)
    So here's where we get to the incentives behind your participation:
    The heads will be separated by the owner's first residence location.
    So if StevetheMiner has a res on smp 4 and 7, but his first res is on smp7, then the head will count toward smp7's total. If your first res is on Utopia, your second res will be used. If you do not have a residence or want to use a specific res, please tell me what server you want it to count for.
    Staff heads will not count toward the total because they will be used in a different section, but they can still be donated =)
    Alternate accounts will be treated as separate entries, but only one head per account will count.
    Contest End Date: July 4, 2013
    Get your head in early to get priority display in the final build which will also have a small area where your favorite saying or other (appropriate) words can be on the sign by your head =)
    All eligible player heads entered are guaranteed 25r!!!
    You may only receive prizes if your head is donated to the build.
    Payments will be made at the end of the contest.
    1st place: 300r to each head owner
    2nd place: 150r to each head owner
    3rd place: 75r to each head owner
    4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th place: 25r to each head owner
    Obtaining your head:
    Kill yourself in the game multiple times or ask someone if you can use their suicide booth. The head is a rare item drop when you die and may take a few or more deaths to get it.

    RESIDENCE 3007 on SMP2
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  2. Must. Get. My. Head.
  3. ...
    Time to get myself a head.
    Aw yis.
  4. I'll get one of my heads in the box later tonight. =)
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  5. Project has been refined and made into a server contest! Come see the progress at 3007!
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  6. Well, I need to die now! :p
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  7. I'll die and give you mine... I suppose...
  8. My first res is on utopia, is there a way to go change the location to the second (smp4) one for me? My second res has been there for several months more than my first, but since I can't change the address...
  9. Yes join the SMP4-ers! We'll come together as one to bring victory! :D
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  10. Get Ahead

    Cold Jokes :p
  11. Yeah. I'll take yours for smp4 if you want. Updated OP to comment on this...
  12. Go smp2! Ill give u my head...
  13. this new update has made everyone suicidal... i thought suicide was bad :confused:
  14. It's not like I have jumped off a tall building with a lot of my friends over and over already over 100 times...
  15. Smp5 shall WIN! =D
  16. I donated mine krysyy :D
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  17. minecraft physics. you die, yet you live!
  18. Yep :D
  19. I'll have to put my alt into this, increase our chances :)
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