EMC Amusement Park Grand Opening - SMP3

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  1. Hear ye hear ye,

    The EMC Amusement Park is now officially open to the public.

    To get there, go on smp3 and type /fun.

    It's free to use. There is no entrance fee or cost to use the park features beyond the items and materials required for things to work (minecarts, boats, arrows, dirt, shovels, etc). You are encouraged to bring your own. Empire Shops have been set up there for your convenience as well.

    Everything is do-it-yourself at the amusement park. Play all you want; explore all you want, and have fun!

    We hope you enjoy it! :)

    The amusement park features:

    A 13-Hole Themed Mini-golf Course
    Putt your way through some of your faviourite Minecraft environments.

    A Big Ol' Roller Coaster
    Soar high above the park, and deep below it (careful, some have never returned ;)).

    A 60x60 Hedge Maze
    What lies at the end of this complex hedge maze? You'll have to go through it to find out. :D

    A Multi-level Archery Complex
    Includes a standard archery range, an advanced archery range (moving), and a minecart shooting range.

    A Water Funhouse
    Includes a bumper boat pool, water slide, high-dive, dunk game, boat race track, and access to the EMC sewer (watch out for the giant rats! :eek:).

    A Spleef Field
    Get your friends together and play spleef here. All you need is dirt and some shovels.

    A Parkour Course
    This feature is not complete yet, but it'll be awesome when it is!


    The amusement park took five weeks to build (not including the time spent planning it out), and was built through the efforts of several members of the EMC staff:
    • Bob23646 - Spleef field designer/builder.
    • Green_Mystery - Roller coaster designer/builder.
    • Malicaii12 - Mini-golf course designer/builder - holes 2 through 5.
    • amadai - Mini-golf course designer/builder - holes 8 and 11.
    • GameKribJim - Mini-golf course designer/builder - hole 12.
    • Ahzrael - Parkour course designer/builder.
    • shaunwhite1982 - Hedge maze designer/builder.
    • Dark_Liz - Project manager; water funhouse designer/builder; archery range complex designer/builder; mini-golf course designer/builder - holes 1, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 13.
    And thank you to everyone else who helped out by giving suggestions and ideas or lending their expertise to make things work!

    This was a teamwork intensive mega-project and we're proud to present it to you for your enjoyment.
  2. How do you get there? /park?
  3. Oh never mind it's /fun!
  4. Can we get costumes like in disneyland? i wanna be Pluto!
  5. Amazing project you've planned here..

    Im gonna check in later - that rollercoaster looks epic! :D
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  6. I've already been here and the roller coaster is amazing! :) The maze, Really is 60x60 and is impossible ;) And finally a spleef arena!
  8. Great the end of the maze should have a sign with the words "The Game" Written on it :p
  9. Maybe a lava slide wouldn't do much harm? :3
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  10. :O
  11. Hope everyone enjoys this. I spent a good amount of time just exploring all the awesome little details (like being lost in the EMC sewers!). The staff put a ton of hard work into this!
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  12. Something big in SMP3, Yei! :D
    And it's a great place to have fun too!
  13. SMP3 FTW! </standard-response> :D
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  14. Whoever has a res near the park on SMP3 needs to open a hotel. Loads of people from other servers, like me, could generate a high demand for such a service
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  15. Oh. My. Gosh. :confused:

    Color me amused. :)

    Nay, super amused! :D

    Nay nay...flabbergastedly delighted to the umpteenth degree of double-take-ed wowzerism!! :eek::eek::eek:

    Wooha! ;)
  16. OOOOOOOOOOH. Amusement park, pretty.
  17. :( - Attempts to enter - ( Sorry, All free slots r full ) 61/60 Now Im sad. I cant enter Lol
  18. The maze should say: "I want to play a game" ;D
  19. Really? That's so cute :3
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  20. Yes!!! Finally something cool on smp3!! We are very proud of our heritage! (Especially D1223m :p)
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