Happy New Year TO EMC!

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  1. In honor of the New Year, the staff presents the new and improved Empire Park on SMP2.

    Mining all day can be so stressful!
    Come relieve the tension at the new and improved EMPIRE PARK...

    Our trails meander through flower forests, sunflower fields, beautiful wetlands, and more. Just walking down the trail relieves your mind from all the stress of your minecraft life. Come enjoy our serene lake that is guaranteed to fill your inventory with fish and our playground that will bring out the child in anybody.

    The Empire Park can be found at /park on smp2. Come explore!
    2013-12-31_18.25.00 (2).jpg
  2. Well this seems like a nice place to unwind ;)
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  3. Happy New Years!
  4. wellll this looks fun
  5. It looks good! :)
  6. To me it was like no postie for 6 seconds and I was like:NUUUUUU
  7. Looks great! May I ask why the post says it is posted quite some time ago, but people only started posting a few minutes ago? (it could of course be a glitch at my part, but I'm not sure)
  8. I posted it in staff chat ready to go for midnight release. We had a bit of a delay....
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  9. Sweet, completely forgot about the EMC Park :)
  10. Beautiful... great work
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  11. inb42014
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  12. Yay i don't live on smp2! Looks nice though! :D (its 12:35 am right now so yeah HAPPEH NEW YEAR!!!!!)
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  13. You can still always stop by - it's not just for the Smp2'ers to use :)
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  14. Happy new year! Haha I never knew there was an EMC park!
  15. Okay, now lets improve the gloomy, desolate place that is the Smp1 Empire Graveyard. Its always had an unfinished feel to it.
  16. That park looks nice. A nice New Years gift :D
  17. Looks lovely - nice work...I'll head over when I'm on later :)
  18. oh nice, i'll come check it out... I have had a stressful few days :)
  19. Happy new years
  20. Finally you redid it and its looking great too! :D
    Happy New Year Everybody! :D