New TNT Run Design

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  1. TNT RUN: New Design
    Welcome to the new and improved TNT RUN arena, courtesy of our fantastic Build Team member MoreMoople, with help from WyntyrReavyn and JohnKid :D The new design takes the place of the old, on smp3 at /v tntrun but will eventually move to the games server if all goes as planned.
  2. Whoa, looks fantastic. Great job guys!
  3. Looks awesome! Nice job :)
  4. Ooh, looks super fancy. Glad to see that there's starting to be a bit more variety in staff-held events. :)
  5. More designs/redesigns on the way too.
  6. Would be cool if events on servers like fire floor etc is used there instead of games. Is accounts being in the wilderness a issue is it?
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  7. Looks really good! Nice job to all involved.:D
  8. Yes. Players have outposts and are out sometimes thousands of blocks.
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  9. Wow, 🤩 this looks spectacular! Great job guys! I look forward to seeing y’all there soon. ✌️
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  10. Most amazing build.. seems like it will be another fun event also!
  11. The beauty of such a creation can not be described in words.
  12. Yay! TNT run is the best. Can't wait to try it out! :D
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  13. Wow, hahaha, that looks cool! :D Well done. :)
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  14. This looks legit... Good work on making the server happy!
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  15. The designs blew me away :p