Vote for the best EMC update of 2015! => Show your appreciation!

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What was the best update of 2015?

Poll closed Apr 3, 2016.
Environment changes (PVP arena, Frontier spawns and/or Town expansion) 5 vote(s) 8.2%
Play changes (Vote streak protection / Server cap increase (from 40 to 45)) 6 vote(s) 9.8%
New feature signs (preview/restrict) & /dispose & chat alerts 9 vote(s) 14.8%
Loot announcements in status bar 1 vote(s) 1.6%
Name changes 9 vote(s) 14.8%
Minecraft 1.8 21 vote(s) 34.4%
Residence subflags & /deathlog 1 vote(s) 1.6%
Residence permissions groups (and /res kick) 4 vote(s) 6.6%
Friends update (/friends command) 2 vote(s) 3.3%
Other (please leave a comment below!) 3 vote(s) 4.9%
  1. Hi gang!

    After going over the last update which Aikar and the devs pushed out I got kind of carried away. So much cool stuff... So I used my "contribution team powers" (lol :D) and looked back at all the awesome stuff which Aikar and the developers have made for us to enjoy in 2015.

    I don't know about you guys, but I want to do something to return the favor. To show some appreciation for all their hard work! And I sincerely hope you guys will follow along with this.

    Time to show our appreciation!

    What can you give someone who already has the world? Yeah, there's a noodle for you to think about! I can give Krysyy a chest (like I did during the time capsule event :D) but it's kinda useless if they have this magic bag of creativeness where they can pull out all the things they want from it.

    But there's one thing they can't conjure up: our appreciation. In specific: a token of our appreciation.

    How does it work?

    1 - We vote

    I made a selection of all the updates from 2015, you can see the full list which I scraped together below. I didn't include bug fixes and minor updates, I also didn't include updates to already made updates (like, for example, /deathlog (included) which later got a shortcut /dlog (not included)).

    I then sorted out the most important ones which I could think of and pushed 'm all into this vote. I even cheated by grouping some stuff together; the developers worked WAY too hard to keep up. Your task, should you chose to accept it, is to vote for your favorite update.

    Note: Votes will be publicly visible, and for a good reason!

    Important: You think I got it all wrong? You know of this update I missed which is MUCH better? Just vote for "other" and share it with us below and we'll try to include that somehow. Also: the same applies if you want to vote for something which I didn't put in the vote but did mention below.

    It'll be some work to sort out but I'm all in for that!

    2 - The "winners" show their appreciation

    I will make a book with some (short! I promise! :p) words of appreciation and will then ask all the players who voted for the winning update to add their name and a few words to the book.

    3 - The others can show their appreciation

    After the 'winners' have all added their names / words then everyone else will have a chance to add their names and a few words.

    3a - There is also a contest involved!

    You can win some cool prices if you come up with a good name for the book, check this out:

    4 - I sign the book

    Speaks for itself; after this the book is finished. This is a book the staff won't be able to conjure up themselves :cool:

    5 - We present our book to the developer or team of developers

    Even if they don't really see the need then there's still no way for them to escape this. In the end we could simply /mail send it to them but I'm hoping for a little more. I have no idea about this part yet but we'll work it out. Maybe I can persuade Dramanya to help out here? ;)

    What I do know: either we give the book to the "winning" developer (directly responsible for the update) or, depending on how the developers approach this, we give them all a copy of the book (I think the last option is much nicer, what do you think?).

    BUT.... One step at a time, lets no get ahead of ourselves, I got a feeling that this will take its sweet time to carry out.


    Spread the word!

    Full list of updates which I found:

    1st Jan. 2015 => New PVP arenas

    14th. Jan. 2015 => Vote streak protection & List town tags: /res list +tag.

    30th Jan. 2015 => New feature signs (preview / restrict), /dispose & chat alerts.

    15th Feb. 2015 => New Frontier spawns

    9th March 2015 => Town expansion

    2nd April 2015 => Server cap increase (from 40 to 45)

    25th April 2015 => 300k update; private named residence locations.

    6th May 2015 => Empire Minecraft goes 1.8!

    20th May 2015 => Anvil update; repair costs are now counted per player

    28th May 2015 => Misc updates; beacon & vault usage (beacon buffs. stay on their res. and vaults work on outposts).

    2nd June 2015 => Misc / Item frame update (items from item frame go into inventory).

    17th June 2015 => Major update "hope nothing broke"; residence subflags, /deathlog).

    19th June 2015 => Misc / Log update (/rlog, /tlog & message timestamps)

    3rd of July 2015 => Loot announcements

    22th of July 2015 => Residence Permission Groups (and /res kick)

    13th of August 2015 => misc stuff /group buffs

    23th of August 2015 => Forum titles & trophies

    24th of August 2015 => Name changes

    30th of August => Misc / performance: /group diff

    26th of Sep. 2015 => Player notes (/pnote)

    8th Oct. 2015 => Status bar messages (join/disconnects in status bar)

    15th Oct. 2015 => Friends update (/friends)

    19th Oct. 2015 => Mini improvements (Marlix & Momentus changes, /stable get, more use of action bar)

    25th Nov. 2015 => Thanksgiving update; /vote fixitem, associate tags with res. location.

    31th of Dec. 2015 => Compass update; /compass commands
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  2. I had to vote for /res kick. Love that command.
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  3. Voted for 1.8. :p
  4. I voted for Name Changes but 1.8 update was close.
  5. I voted 'other'. Because, oh the irony, I didn't include the update which triggered me to do all this: the Compass update.
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  6. This is not going to be easy!
    I really love the compass update, but don't feel like choosing 'other' :p

    Edit: I chose the /friends one, as I think it's the one that was best to me personally. 1.8 is also quite important, but I prefer the more inventive updates above the pretty much mandatory ones (although I know and appreciate that much work went into 1.8 and name changes too!!).
  7. Love this idea very much!♡ the devs do all this stuff for us in their free time when they could be doing other things, so this is a cool way to show our appreciation for all the hard work.

    I chose residence sub flags, because I use them, A LOT. I don't leave town to often anymore, but when I do I also, use /deathlog a lot also :p so not a hard choice for me :p
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  8. I enjoy the fourm and group updates. I don't know what else to say lol
  9. I'm going to vote for the Town expansion simply because of how much work for the devs, Senior Staff, and especially Krysyy to finish. Countless weeks of work went into expanding the town and it's something I could never even dream of accomplishing.

    But 1.8 was the 'best' in my opinion for a dev team only update.
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  10. I vote for name changes because it brought us up to par with everyone else who had it half a year earlier lol
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  11. Definitely name changes. I actually liked 1.7 and wouldn't mind of we stayed on 1.7 forever :p

    All we need is for mojang to build in a mod API and EMC will be set :p
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  13. I voted for friends command :)
    It so awesome because I don't have to /P my friends I get notified when they're on ^-^
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  14. Welp. I voted 1.8!
    I like this, It's a great way to show the appreciation we have, but don't always think to share.
  15. I voted for 1.8 :)
  16. I have a little worry; I don't know if it would actually be a problem but I wanted to share: some people might look at the results first, and choose the one that has been voted the most for, because that's probably the best. But that's not the point, of course.
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  17. I totally get this ^
    I have a very strong suspicion the 1.8 update is going to be a winner. Also a sneaky feeling "some" people will vote for it just to make sure they "win". But considering that all wining gives you is the chance to put your name in the book first before the other choices, I think everything will be ok ^_^
    A book can hold up to 60 pages right?
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  18. I'm pretty sure it's 50! :)
    But yeah, it will fit in! ^.^
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  19. I'm extremely biased in this vote due to obvious reasons, but Name Changes all the way. Now people don't have to type out my behemoth of a name and it fits with my title in the tab menu =)
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