Misc Updates / Performance - 8/30/15

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  1. Hey everyone. EMC has made some massive breakthroughs in improving the server performance.
    Some went out the other day, but this brings even more.

    Our goal is nothing but perfection for the 'baseline' :) And this is pushing us there!

    But there's also more features and improvements too

    • Added /group invites - Allows leaders to disable allowing others to invite people
    • Added /group difficulty - Forces everyone to use the same difficulty in the group.
    • Changing difficulty to something higher than before will allow instant changing, but lowering is subject to combat timer still.
    • PM log will now show newest messages first.
    • System to help identify bugged Marlix's, and auto remove dupes.
    • No longer can put soulbound items in dispose chest.
    • Killing mini bosses will now announce its effective difficulty on death.
    • Adjusted spawn rates of minibosses more so its not "every 30 minutes"....
  2. Sounds great! <3
  3. boo ;-; i liked chilling around my outpost and greeting a momentus "every 30 mins"
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  4. I noticed this. How does it work?
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  5. Perhaps the chat announce should say "effective difficulty" and not so much "effective eifficulty"?
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  6. Nice updates, thanks Aikar :D
    I've noticed this too - probably worth correcting :p
  7. So, this update was 2014 years ago?

    According to the title :p

  8. So yes! I don't know how many times I've almost done this with voters items :D
  9. Sounds awesome! :)
  10. wow thats an old up date xD
  11. Nice little update. :) Normally I'd be opposed to lowering miniboss spawns, but right now there are definitely too many. As long as they weren't adjusted too drastically (seeing as the constant minibosses was still a big improvement over them basically never spawning), I think this is a change for the better.
  12. Finally fixed what I was banned for, good :)
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  13. This is how I lost my Voters Bow. Glad it is fixed so nobody else can lose their soul bound equipment.
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  14. Awesome update indeed! I'm especially happy with the group invite & difficulty settings because those will really help in survival games. And well, reversing the pmlog order is really fast indeed ;)

    Isn't that the truth! It actually started to hinder my fantasy story a bit because almost every time Aya or me went to smp9's wasteland we could be fairly sure of one thing: a mini boss would spawn. Luckily for us they were mostly Marlixes which flew off but it would be bothersome having to cope with a Momentus while all you wanted to do is make a few story snapshots :)
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  15. I don't know if the update caused this or not, but I was in the wastelands with a friend a few minutes ago and a Marlix spawned. The spawn message came up and there was only a single Marlix. The Marlix then flew straight into the water and despawned. We searched everywhere but we couldn't find him.
  16. Some apparently didn't get the warning of the update today, I was driving and thinking about code like usual (subconscious driving ftw) and remembered I forgot a line of code.

    This bug would of caused extremely weird symptoms all around that would of been hard to track down too...

    So had socks fix it for me while I was driving and ninja updated servers through phone when I stopped driving and apparently the alternative restart system may have messaging issues
  17. So how exactly does the spawning work? Its once per every 30 minutes per boss and then there is a chance again? I didnt quite understand it.