New Features! Signs & More - 1/30/15

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  1. Hey everyone. It's been quiet for a few weeks because my day job got really busy! Major project i'm working on that I have to focus on, so itll be slow for a while still until this project is out of the way.

    I'm working upwards to 15~ hours a day on it :/
    However, Chicken, even with his school work, has kept busy and got many new things in! Most of the feature work here is thanks to Chicken. Really great update!
    Just5 got a bit in here too!

    Anyways, name changes are around the corner in Minecraft, but I found out a nasty little secret: It's already possible to change your name. Not going to say how to encourage people to do it, but to safe guard us, we have put in some changes to keep things proper on EMC temporarily until we can support name changes.

    • Name changes have been blocked on Empire Minecraft. If you change your name and log in to EMC, you will still show up as your old name.

      This will be the case until we have the time to properly update all systems to support changing of names (could be a 2+ months).

      Essentially, you're locked to the first name EMC see's you as.

      We've got many changes in place for name change support (aka UUID support), but still a few subsystems to go like Residences, Shops and Lock signs. We can not even have "partial support", EVERYTHING has to be done first before we can allow you to use a new name.
    • You may no longer move maps in your inventory while vault is open, to prevent players from placing maps into the vault and destroying them. EMPTY Maps are a different item type and are still allowed, but once a map is rendered, it may not be placed in Vault.
    • NEW FEATURE SIGN: Preview - Chicken whipped this up out of nowhere but quite useful! Place [ PREVIEW ] on a sign above / around a chest (uses same lookup as Shop signs) and allow players to SEE the contents of your chest but not TAKE. It is a read only view of the chest.

      This sign may only be used on Residences by the Owner or a player with admin flag.
    • NEW FEATURE SIGN: Restrict - Recent suggestion we agreed would be nice! This sign operates as the opposite of [ ACCESS ], REMOVING permissions from players, unless they have +admin or their name listed on the sign.

      So for example, if you give +use to everyone, you can then use [ RESTRICT ] to special case a button so only admin/select users can use it.
    • NEW CHAT FEATURE: Alerts - Whenever someone says your name, you get the Tingleā„¢. This has been extended so that players can now create custom alert words! Add an alert for "Fire Floor" for example to get an alert any time someone says that!
      Have a nickname or a shorter form of your name people like to say? Add an alert for it!

      To use: /chat alert [list/add/rem] [alert words]
      ex: /chat alert add fire floor

      The maximum amount of alerts you can have varies based on Supporter Rank.
      Free: 2
      Iron: 5
      Gold: 10
      Diamond: 50
    • Some wooden slabs now have proper /iteminfo names for shop signs (really old bug)
    • NEW FEATURE: Dispose - Typing /dispose will bring up a chest interface. Any items placed in this chest will be eaten by the Hopper Gods. Use this to quickly dispose of unwanted items.

      WARNING: Staff has absolutely no way to recover items lost to Dispose, please be careful!
    • 1.8.1 Client now will show player names with proper colors (for those of you using this version for some unknown reason!) in the tab list.
    • A bug with chest beside trapped chest with setting up shops was fixed.... you'll have to ask eklektoi/chicken more about this D:
    • Weird bug with trying to leave shop saying you don't have move perms has been fixed (Might of been a staff only bug? Not sure though. It did it to us when we used teleport, but could of affected players too)
  2. sweet!
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  3. Yay! I'm so excited! Wonderful update! ^^
  4. This is frickin' awesome!

    I'm already very excited! The dispose option for example will help me to quickly remove some unwanted items in bulk. I haven't managed to do so because it would be tedious to drop 'm all in lava (don't have an easily accessible pool yet, and even if I did it wouldn't be that big).

    The deny-access sign is also very nice. I won't be quickly using it myself, but I do see lots of potential.

    Meh, I think I'm going to slap together a quick guide on how to use all this for the unfamiliar players. Don't know if you guys already beat me to it but might still have some use (at least for me; want to do a nice write up).

    Thanks a bunch, this is really interesting!
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  5. Really nice additions there :)
  6. Awesome update! These new restrict signs may come in handy for my Museum when I get around to renovating it ;)
  7. You are right; not every feature on EMC can practically be used by everyone. But there are uses for them and we try to keep them highly usable as well. Before the wiki, there was no central location on how to use all of EMCs features and therefore, they did not get used. Just gotta get more information available in the game. But that is for another project entirely ;)
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  8. So I noticed with the PREVIEW signs, it bunches all the items to the first available slots but when the chest is actually different when clicked regularly xD
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  9. Not sure if bug or intended feature,
    Preview acts as a feature sign, so motion above the sign will cause an interface display.
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  10. love the preview. will display my Taste of freedoms soon...
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  11. Yes, so to make sure the chest cannot be tampered with through the preview sign; it is actually a copy of the inventory. And this was the best way to make it happen

    It is a feature sign, so yes it is intended. :)
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  12. Cool update! I like the /dispose thing! :)
  13. We can fix that though, simpyly set the slot to same one as source when cloning.
  14. oh! I found where I can do that. They can expect that to be fixed in the semi-near future.
  15. For those wondering what the chest bug was:

    If you had a trapped chest and regular chest near each other and one person has a shop set up on one.

    A different person wasn't able to place a [slot] shop sign near the other person's shop sign.

    This was 'what' was broke... but it is now fixed.
  16. Oh my.. You guys were bussy! Good job :)

    EDIT: one of the best updates yet! :p
  17. Going to enjoy these new updates :D especially the magical dispose chest. Great job guys!
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  18. So /dispose has become even more awesome to me after I discovered that it also works in the waste!

    That is really helpful you guys; what I often did so far was to simply dump items (usually buried under a block) and expect them to despawn after a while. Esp. whenever there wasn't much lava around. Only so much you can do to clean out your inventory if you need to.... I know that such a tactic may put some tax on the server (its why I don't often use it) but yah...

    Rest assured that I'll be using /dispose from now on ;)